apple m1

  1. nd4ios

    It Seems OBS is unable to create any required file or folder on M1 MacBook Pro

    Running MacOS Ventura, OBS is unable to Open due to not being able to create/access required folders and files, I had to manually create the folders, but because I have no clue what is contained in the global.ini file that OBS Studio is needing access to (which does not exist on my computer) I...
  2. A

    FPS Dropping like Hotcakes

    I am trying to use OBS 28.0.3 to record Sims 4 gameplay on my iMac 24" (Apple M1). I have watched hundreds of YouTube help videos on how to configure it for my Mac and have only gotten confused and frustrated. I do not know why my FPS goes from CPU: 10%, 60.00 fps to CPU: 4.6%, 3.93 fps right...
  3. aliammar

    obs stop record the image after sometime

    I have problem with recording at obs studio on macbook air m1 Recording starts as normal for screen and audio But at a certain time, the screen recording stops on a specific frame and only the audio continues to be recorded This happened several times with me (almost every time I record a for...
  4. O

    Probleme mit Traktor S8 / Black hole / Mac M1 pro

    Hallo Leute! Ich brauche Hilfe! Ich habe ein Mac Book Pro M1, Traktor S8 und würde gerne mit OBS Live Streamen. Dazu wird im Netzt und von OBS Black Hole empfohlen. Ich bekomme keinen Ton in OBS. Ich habe nun schnell 100 Seiten gelesen und eben soviel Einstellungen probiert aber es geht nicht...
  5. H

    More advanced encoder of 4K recording for Apple Silicon Macs

    I use AVerMedia’s capture box,M1 MacBook Pro and PS5. Its official capture software, RECentral Express, enables smooth 4K recording because of its built in encoder H.265. For OBS, the H.264 encoder supports maximum 1080p for smooth recording. M1 chip is capable of 4K recording and I suggest...
  6. B

    Black flash for 0.1 sec when I move across 2 monitors

    Hello everyone, I faced a problem, using OBS on my mac with m1 pro. I have two displays connected to make videos, OBS sees only one of them, therefore I can capture 1 window on first display, and do some other stuff on the another display simultaneously. But here is the deal – when i click on...
  7. NeonNoir

    Looking for a "4K capture Card" for the "M1"

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a 4K Capture card that will work on the M1, as I understand there is no 60FPS variant available at all... I found this video: which talks about the Camlink 4K and the AverMedia LiveGamer Ultra, but are there any others, any recommendations?