android as outbound streaming device

  1. NrGamerBR

    OBS Studio for Android, is it possible?

    Would it be possible to port OBS Studio to Android, thus making a mobile version with some of the main tools? For example: • Screen Capture support with cropping and resizing options; • Support for Scenes and Transitions; • Text, Image, Video, USB Video and Web Layer Support; • Support for...
  2. S

    Use a phone to stream instead of an expensive dual pc streaming setup?

    Hey, So i discovered that OBS plugin that lets you stream in dual pc without capture cards as long as the two machines are using the same wifi. So I thought, 'would it be possible to send your encoding to your phone to stream?' Maybe there's a sort of OBS for phones (apk, I just don't know sry)...
  3. N

    Using Samsung S10e as a 4K webcam?

    Is this possible to do? id like to get past the 1080p mark since my phone can record at 4k. How do I do this? all the tutorials I see only go to 1080p...
  4. T

    Simultaneous video source maximum. and network mininumd

    I would like to know what the limits of OBS are. It seems like there is a maximum of two video capture devices allowed. I can either do Stereoscopic camera or monoscopic camera and video footage. If there is a way to get 3 video capture sources I like to find out how to do it. however it...