amd ryzen 7

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    AMD Octa-Core CPU, just restreaming Video and still experience render-lag >40%

    I'm using a dedicated Server with a AMD Ryzen 7 3700X (8 cores / 16 threads @ 3.6 GHz) processor to only reastream 1080p60fps video-files via vlc-source to a partnered twitch-account @ 1080p60fps (8000 kb/s or 6000kb/s) and experience a render-lag of over 40% at some times. Encoder: x264 | No...
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    Best YouTube settings for my rig..

    Hey there! In February, I got a better custom gaming PC (mainly for better gaming but also for STREAMING) and have been trying to get the OBS settings right for YouTube (and somewhat Twitch) but have had zero success every time I try and test stream. The output on YouTube ends up being blurry...