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    Low FPS in preview when switching to YUY2

    Hello, I wasn't sure if I should post a log file, since this is just during the preview. Basically, every time I switch from MJPEG to YUY2, my framerate goes from 30 (the listed maximum for MJPEG to 5... (the new listed maximum for YUY2) Also, I'm mostly interested in YUY2 because a YouTube...
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    Question / Help Trying to get Magewell USB capture card to capture a5100

    Good evening! Been tinkering trying to get picture from a Magewell USB Capture HDMI hooked up to a Sony a5100. http://www.magewell.com/products/usb-capture-hdmi-gen-2 Camera is rigged up with dummy battery and micro HDMI into the Magewell. Have looked at several videos to make sure the...