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    Question / Help OBS 25.0.3 crash when i try to add image

    Hi. That's my problem. OBS crashes everytime i try to add image in certain circunstances. I've installed it from terminal. BTW english is not my main language. log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/7YlihBT5mA7_naUg
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    Question / Help Unable to capture the same window twice on Linux with OBS 25.0.3

    I'm trying to capture separate webcam feeds from a Discord session in order to position them in a scene, but I'm only able to capture the application window once. I've been able to do this on Windows 10 (OBS 25.0.1), but not on Pop!_OS 19.10. I've tested this with an older 23.x.x version, the...