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    OBS YouTube Streaming keeps disconnecting and reconnecting 2020

    Hi, my obs keeps constantly disconnecting and reconnecting. A message at the bottom left pops up that it keeps doing that. I have good internet connection with a wired ethernet. (90 mbs) I also haven't had this issue. I've uninstalled and reinstalled fresh and the problem still persists. Please...
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    Troubleshooting streaming League of Legends on OSX Mojave

    Hi OBS community, I can't for the life of me figure out how to get OBS set up to stream league of legends, and to date, no walkthrough/how-to/tutorial has illuminated this process for me. Many of the results for 'How to set up OBS to stream league on windows/OSX' are years old, and they don't...
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    Question / Help Rotate aspect ratio for instagram only

    what's up people i'm using obs, restream.io, and yellowduck to stream to youtube, facebook, twitch, periscope, and instagram. any thoughts on how i could get 16:9 video output to rotate 90 degrees for *instagram only* while maintaining 16:9 w/ the other services?
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    Question / Help The Black Screen is still a problem in 2020.

    How can this still be a problem? Like, seriously? All I want to do is record the screen. Nothing more, nothing less. But a black screen appears instead of the desktop. I have a Windows 10, 1909 version and I tried going into the display settings and set OBS to "Classic App" --> Power Saving...