Virtual Cam Filter

Virtual Cam Filter 0.0.6

I could not get this working on mac 14.4.1 with OBS 30.1.2
The filter is not needed as you can select which source you want to output in OBS. Click the configuration button next to the start virtual camera button.
Not working on Macbook m1, OS Ventura 13.5!
The plugin is fine, you should put some options to make it more useful
Hello Exeldro, just wondering, I do really need this plugin, but it does not work on OBS 28, is going to be updated?
OBS 28 has the option to use a source for the virtual camera build in
Love the control of choosing pretty much anything from OBS as the virtual webcam output without having to create a separate scene for it, and without having to worry about what scene is currently active.
@Exeldro another of your very much good plugins that is really good.

It is very handy to use in conferences for to show very much things thru a scene. It has a lot of potential so thanks you very much.

NOTE: You are credited as 'Plug-ins Creator' at the credits of my 'Streams' at the end of them. ;)
he is dead.
Hello - this would be an amazing addition to my workflow, but after installing it, the OBS Virtual Camera no longer works - and I don't know how to uninstall this plugin to determine if I need to reinstall OBS or take next steps.
Excellent contribution
But just a suggestion.
that the virtual video output can be activated / deactivated with the "start virtual camera" button in the main window
because if you want to change to another "scene collection" without deactivating the virtual output in a scene, obs crashes
Such a dope plugin! I would recommend this to everyone. It is absolutely amazing because it allows you to do more fun effects without messing with your main video source.