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Semi-free [TWITCH] Widget Combo of Top Emote for Twitch (Twitch/BetterTTV/FFZ)

Hi everyone,

This Widget works to bring in layout of streaming the top combo emote used on the chat, only you need configure to get URL and put in Scene with SourceWEB at any streaming software.
Actually works like local bot (this is why used oauth) than parse messages of the Twitch Global emotes, Twitch Suscribers Emotes, BetterTTV Global Emotes, BetterTTV and FFZ channel emotes (All rights of emotes/extensions to their respective creators/developers).

Emotes images are cached at startup, this means that the first launch may take longer than the rest of the launches, due to cache loading. The emotes parse works like 1 user per emote, so they can't repeat the same emote to count as top emote (you can disable this with config " Allow USER Spam Emotes? " to NO), this means than if one user spam the same emote 3 times, the parser only count 1 time emote. FOR TEST, you can check the working proccess spamming you (the broadcaster of channel) in the chat the same emote or use command chat "!ce test [EMOTE] [Count]", example: "!ce test LUL 5".

I writted 90% of the main code.
Is 80% javascript project, is free for use ONLY in the webpage, from the url than you can generate.

IMPORTANT: This tool is under construction, therefore, any error/suggestion/request, please notify me at mail (

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Different Styles:

Multiple Fonts and Custom Colors:

You can choose font, color, align text, style, timers of everything, commands to test and disable.

The use is FREE TO USE INSIDE THE PAGE, if you want to donate, I would really appreciate (Donate don't give you permissions or access to anything, is only for support).

I don't speak English, so please try to be understandable with it
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