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obs-websocket - Remote-control OBS Studio from WebSockets 4.9.1

Suggestion: Inform if the scene is marked to show in multiview
Wonderful! I'm not a great coder at all and I managed to use the javascript api very easily (custom browser source that controls OBS, yay). And thanks for making a Mac version!
There are many tools that can work with this plugin.
We use OBS web socket to connect with Touch Portal!, keep up the amazing work!
Excellent, it allows me to change ffmpeg_source from my own application via Go (GoLang) over WebSocket..
I started working with the API yesterday. It seemed daunting to use but turned out to be absolutely clean and wonderful although the documentation could do with more detail. Nice clean JSON based interaction which I really like.
Paired with the t2t2 web client, this was such a simple setup. Works perfect!
Works wonders to control OBS remotely, especially when paired with t2t2's obs-tablet-remote web UI or your own custom code.
Works good, would be awesome to be able to set random transitions from the quick transition section or something. As it is, transitions are just standard fades.