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obs-ndi - NewTek NDI™ integration into OBS Studio 4.13.0

i have tried for the past hour to make this work, but every time that i try the program does not show up in my obs
I switched to teleport, it just works, not like this.
obs-ndi caused more problems than it solved.
Noted discussion of malware on Reddit and ran via Crowdstrike Sandbox which returned a malicious rating with a threat score of 100 out of 100.

It is doing everything under the sun lol
Doesn't work after upgrading to obs 28.0.1
Works really well except for the fact that the provided NDI Redist Exe file you are given a link to is a download that flags as malware, the download originates from which with a quick google shows heaps of malware/trojan warnings.
Not compatible with OBS v28.... Any plans to fix this? OBS without NDI would be a huge minus for the whole OBS Studio....