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How to convert FLVs to MP4 fast without re-encoding

Nice, I created a guide to batch convert multiple files inside a folder in Windows
the link is here:
Perfectly to the point and works like a champ!
Great guide.
Tells you everything you need, and is a big help for people trying to keep their quality w/o risking losing their recording using formats like MP4. One thing that could be added, which is a good program to use (if you're on Windows), is Avanti GUI for FFMPEG.
I seem to be having trouble with using this, I have downloaded the ffmpeg and extracted it and even put it in the folder where the video I need to convert is. If someone could pm me so i can get some help that would be amazing. ^^
OMG that is genius - that you saw the need to write this guide, and how quickly the process does what it does. Thank you SO MUCH - in fact BullHorn7's review says it all - you're my hero! (from someone who joined the forum specifically to thank you!
dodgepong you're my hero.
This is exactly what I was looking for, especially with the crack down on background music from Twitch and other games, I wanted to preserver the teamspeak chatter since often times that is what makes the videos funny.
Tyvm! I knew this would be simple enough, but never looked further into it. If I ever wanted snippets of livestreams, I either screencapped the livestream video or screencapped the downloaded flv file. This is easier to get the entire video with more of an untouched look to it. :)