How To Contribute Translations For OBS

Want to contribute to OBS but don't know how to program? Help us with our translations on Crowdin! Please read the following before contributing.

Code of Conduct

By participating in this translation project, you agree to abide by the OBS Project Code of Conduct.


In many instances, understanding the context is essential to providing a correct translation. Many strings do have screenshots added to their context section, although you have the best understanding by running OBS Studio yourself with the language you are translating. This is also a great way of proofreading.

Technical Level

Strings may contain words on a technical level. Do not suggest a translation if you do not understand at least the rough meaning of such a word. Sometimes technical words should not be translated.

After reading the above, how do I contribute?

  • Register an account.
  • Go to the project page.
  • Find the language you want to contribute to.
    • Contact Vainock if your language is not available or you have other questions.
  • Open one of the strings files and look at the strings that can be translated or have already been translated.
  • If you see something that has not been translated yet, suggest a translation!
  • If you see something that has been translated well, vote it up!
  • If you see something that has been translated poorly, vote it down and make a new suggestion!

Crowdin's Knowledge Base provides information on getting started.

Changes you make on Crowdin will be included in the next major release.