How To Contribute Translations For OBS

Want to contribute to OBS but don't know how to program? Help us with our translations!

To help us manage our translations, we use a service called Crowdin, which is free to use for open source projects. You can check out the OBS Studio translation project here.

How do I contribute?

  • Register an account on Crowdin.
  • Find the language you want to help contribute to.
  • Open one of the strings files and look at the strings that can be translated or have already been translated.
  • If you see something that has not been translated yet, suggest a translation!
  • If you see something that has been translated well, vote it up!
  • If you see something that has been translated poorly, vote it down and make a new suggestion!


  • If you need more context about how a string is used, open a new issue in the translation editor and request additional contextualization.
  • If you're editing Website strings, keep an eye on the context to make sure translating them doesn't change the functionality.
  • Crowdin's Knowledge Base provides information on getting started as a translator. See Work in the Editor.
  • For any issues or questions you can directly contact Vainock who is happy to assist.