OBS Log Analyzer

This analyzer will review an OBS log file for common issues and problems and provide suggestions for how to solve them.

In OBS select Help > Log Files > Upload last Log File. Copy the URL and paste it here.

Upload a log file to check for configuration problems, incorrect settings, network issues and many other diagnostics.

Log Analysis

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Critical 79.6% GPU Encoder Overload
The encoder is skipping frames because of GPU overload. Read about troubleshooting tips in our GPU Overload Guide.
Warning Old Version (27.1.3)
You are running an old version of OBS Studio (27.1.3). Please update to version 30.1.2 by going to Help -> Check for updates in OBS or by downloading the latest installer from the downloads page and running it.
Warning Non-Standard Aspect Ratio
Almost all modern streaming services and video platforms expect video in 16:9 aspect ratio. OBS is currently configured to record in an aspect ratio that differs from that. You (or your viewers) will see black bars during playback. Go to Settings -> Video and change your Canvas Resolution to one that is 16:9.
Info macOS 12.0 (OK)
You are running macOS 12.0 Monterey, which is currently supported by Apple and the most recent version of OBS.
Info Third-Party Plugins (2)
You have the following third-party plugins installed:
  • mac-decklink
  • mac-vth264