OBS Log Analyzer

This analyzer will review an OBS log file for common issues and problems and provide suggestions for how to solve them.

In OBS select Help > Log Files > Upload last Log File. Copy the URL and paste it here.

Upload a log file to check for configuration problems, incorrect settings, network issues and many other diagnostics.

Log Analysis

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Critical Wrong GPU
Your Laptop has two GPUs. OBS is running on the weak integrated Intel GPU. For better performance as well as game capture being available you should run OBS on the dedicated GPU. Check the Laptop Troubleshooting Guide.
Critical 18.2% Encoder Overload
Encoder overload may be related to your CPU or GPU being overloaded, depending on the encoder in question. If you are using a software encoder (x264) please see the CPU Overload Guide. If you are using a hardware encoder (AMF, QSV/Quicksync, NVENC) please see the GPU Overload Guide.
Warning Old Version (27.1.3)
You are running an old version of OBS Studio (27.1.3). Please update to version 29.1.3 by going to Help -> Check for updates in OBS or by downloading the latest installer from the downloads page and running it.
Warning Windows 11 21H2 (EOL)
You are running Windows 11 21H2, which has not been supported by Microsoft since October 2023. We recommend updating to the latest Windows release to ensure continued security, functionality, and compatibility.
Warning Windows 10 Game DVR
To ensure that OBS Studio has the hardware resources it needs for realtime streaming and recording, we recommend disabling the "Game DVR Background Recording" feature via these instructions.
Warning Capture Interference
Display and Game Capture Sources interfere with each other. Never put them in the same scene.
Info Browser Not Accelerated
Unfortunately, browser source hardware acceleration is not compatible with your system/graphics card. Because of this, browser sources will use extra CPU and may stutter. Try to use as few browser sources as possible.
Info Encoder start error
An encoder failed to start. This could result in a bitrate stuck at 0 or OBS stuck on "Stopping Recording". Depending on your encoder, try updating your drivers. If you're using QSV, make sure your iGPU is enabled. If that still doesn't help, try switching to a different encoder in Settings -> Output.
Info Windows Game Mode
In Windows 10 versions 1809 and newer, we recommend that "Game Mode" be enabled for maximum gaming performance. Game Mode can be enabled via the Windows 10 "Settings" app, under Gaming > Game Mode.
Info Third-Party Plugins (4)
You have the following third-party plugins installed:
  • source-record
  • StreamFX
  • obs-streamelements
  • win-capture-audio