OBS Log Analyzer

This analyzer will review an OBS log file for common issues and problems and provide suggestions for how to solve them.

In OBS select Help > Log Files > Upload last Log File. Copy the URL and paste it here.

Upload a log file to check for configuration problems, incorrect settings, network issues and many other diagnostics.

Log Analysis

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Critical Auto-Config Wizard
The log contains an Auto-Config Wizard run. Results of this analysis are therefore inaccurate. Please post a link to a clean log file.
To make a clean log file, please follow these steps:

1) Restart OBS.
2) Start your stream/recording for about 30 seconds. Make sure you replicate any issues as best you can, which means having any games/apps open and captured, etc.
3) Stop your stream/recording.
4) Select Help > Log Files > Upload Current Log File. Send that link via this troubleshooting tool or whichever support chat you are using.
Critical Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduler
The Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling ("HAGS") feature added with Windows 10 is currently known to cause performance and capture issues with OBS, games and overlay tools. It's an experimental feature and we recommend disabling it via this screen or these instructions.
Warning Old Version (29.1.3)
You are running an old version of OBS Studio (29.1.3). Please update to version 30.1.2 by going to Help -> Check for updates in OBS or by downloading the latest installer from the downloads page and running it.
Warning Binding to IP
Binding to a manually chosen IP address is rarely needed. Go to Settings -> Advanced -> Network and set "Bind to IP" back to "Default".
Warning 11.9% Dropped Frames
Your log contains streaming sessions with dropped frames. This can only be caused by a failure in your internet connection or your networking hardware. It is not caused by OBS. Follow the troubleshooting steps at: Dropped Frames and General Connection Issues.
Info Windows 10 22H2 (OK)
You are running Windows 10 22H2, which will be supported by Microsoft until October 2025.
Info Non-Default x264 Preset
A slower x264 preset than 'veryfast' is in use. It is recommended to leave this value on veryfast, as there are significant diminishing returns to setting it lower. It can also result in very poor gaming performance on the system if you're not using a 2 PC setup.
Info No Scenes/Sources
There are neither scenes nor sources added to OBS. You won't be able to record anything but a black screen without adding sources to your scenes.

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