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This analyzer will review an OBS log file for common issues and problems and provide suggestions for how to solve them.

In OBS select Help > Log Files > Upload last Log File. Copy the URL and paste it here.

Upload a log file to check for configuration problems, incorrect settings, network issues and many other diagnostics.

Log Analysis

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Critical 46.9% Rendering Lag
Your GPU is maxed out and OBS can't render scenes fast enough. Running a game without vertical sync or a frame rate limiter will frequently cause performance issues with OBS because your GPU will be maxed out. OBS requires a little GPU to render your scene.

Enable Vsync or set a reasonable frame rate limit that your GPU can handle without hitting 100% usage.

If that's not enough you may also need to turn down some of the video quality options in the game. If you are experiencing issues in general while using OBS, your GPU may be overloaded for the settings you are trying to use.

Please check our guide for ideas why this may be happening, and steps you can take to correct it: GPU Overload Issues.
Warning Old Version (29.0.0)
You are running an old version of OBS Studio (29.0.0). Please update to version 29.1.1 by going to Help -> Check for updates in OBS or by downloading the latest installer from the downloads page and running it.
Warning Binding to IP
Binding to a manually chosen IP address is rarely needed. Go to Settings -> Advanced -> Network and set "Bind to IP" back to "Default".
Info Non-Default x264 Preset
A slower x264 preset than 'veryfast' is in use. It is recommended to leave this value on veryfast, as there are significant diminishing returns to setting it lower. It can also result in very poor gaming performance on the system if you're not using a 2 PC setup.
Info 0.3% CPU Encoder Overload
The encoder is skipping frames because of CPU overload. Read about General Performance and Encoding Issues.
Info Dynamic Bitrate
Dynamic Bitrate is enabled. Instead of dropping frames when network issues are detected, OBS will automatically reduce the stream quality to compensate. The bitrate will adjust back to normal once the connection becomes stable. In some (very specific) situations, Dynamic Bitrate can get stuck at a low bitrate. If this happens frequently, it is recommended to turn off Dynamic Bitrate in Settings -> Advanced -> Network.
Info Third-Party Plugins (1)
You have the following third-party plugins installed:
  • tuna