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This analyzer will review an OBS log file for common issues and problems and provide suggestions for how to solve them.

In OBS select Help > Log Files > Upload last Log File. Copy the URL and paste it here.

Upload a log file to check for configuration problems, incorrect settings, network issues and many other diagnostics.

Log Analysis

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Critical Max Audio Buffering
Audio buffering hit the maximum value. This is an indicator of very high system load, will affect stream latency, and may even cause individual audio sources to stop working. Keep an eye on CPU usage especially, and close background programs if needed.

Occasionally, this can be caused by incorrect device timestamps. Restart OBS to reset buffering.

Source affected (potential cause): Микр/доп
Critical 16.1% Rendering Lag
Your GPU is maxed out and OBS can't render scenes fast enough. Running a game without vertical sync or a frame rate limiter will frequently cause performance issues with OBS because your GPU will be maxed out. OBS requires a little GPU to render your scene.

Enable Vsync or set a reasonable frame rate limit that your GPU can handle without hitting 100% usage.

If that's not enough you may also need to turn down some of the video quality options in the game. If you are experiencing issues in general while using OBS, your GPU may be overloaded for the settings you are trying to use.

Please check our guide for ideas why this may be happening, and steps you can take to correct it: GPU Overload Issues.
Critical 16.8% Encoder Overload
Encoder overload may be related to your CPU or GPU being overloaded, depending on the encoder in question. If you are using a software encoder (x264) please see the CPU Overload Guide. If you are using a hardware encoder (AMF, QSV/Quicksync, NVENC) please see the GPU Overload Guide.
Info Windows 10 22H2 (OK)
You are running Windows 10 22H2, which will be supported by Microsoft until October 2025.
Info Third-Party Plugins (2)
You have the following third-party plugins installed:
  • logi_obs_plugin_x64
  • obs-multi-rtmp