Certified Devices

The devices on this page have been tested and certified to work with the latest release of OBS Studio. When we certify a device, we perform comprehensive testing to confirm that the device works in a variety of configurations and use cases. Devices that have been certified for OBS are granted the option of a license to display the "Certified for OBS" badge in marketing materials and on product packaging, and are added to the list below.

Capture cards must meet the following criteria to be certified:

  • Plug-and-play native compatibility for OBS Studio
  • Under 80ms average additional latency
  • Zero-latency passthrough (if present)
  • Seamless mode changing (no need to restart device or manually set modes on input change)
  • Device maintains audio sync for at least 4 hours of consecutive usage
  • Usable HDR tone mapping (if HDR is supported by the device)

We are also open to certifying other devices that interface with OBS, such as webcams, USB audio devices, etc., and will list criteria for those as necessary.

If you are interested in having your device certified for use with OBS Studio, please contact us at: certification@obsproject.com

Device Manufacturer Type Certification Date OS

TUF Gaming Capture Box - CU4K30


Capture Device


Windows 10, macOS, Linux

XR1 Capture Device

EVGA Corporation

Capture Card


Windows 10

XR1 Lite Capture Device

EVGA Corporation

Capture Card


Windows 10