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YouTube Becomes Premier Sponsor of the OBS Project

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We're excited to announce that YouTube has become a premier sponsor of the OBS Project! Since the earliest days of the program, a large number of our users have used OBS to create video content specifically for YouTube, whether live-streamed or recorded for post-production. We're incredibly humbled to have YouTube, the largest content creation platform on the internet, as one of our sponsors.

YouTube is a pillar of creativity in the internet community, serving as a nexus for people to share all kinds of content, including live performances, live streams of video game content, educational resources, product reviews, comedy sketches, and much more. It pioneered a new generation of video content across TV, computer and mobile devices, while also providing a platform that allows anyone to create and grow a career out of video content creation.

The OBS Project team is proud to have a role in serving content creators on YouTube with free and open source tools, and are incredibly grateful to YouTube for supporting us as we continue to meet those needs!