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YouTube Renews Premier Sponsorship of the OBS Project

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We're excited to announce that YouTube has renewed their premier sponsorship of the OBS Project! Since they first partnered with us back in 2020, we've made some incredible progress together, both for the betterment of OBS, and the streaming community as a whole. Let's go over a few highlights from the past year that they have helped us accomplish to celebrate our continued partnership.

We partnered with YouTube to add support for streaming HEVC and AV1-encoded video over e-RTMP, the first update to the widely used protocol RTMP in over a decade. With the release of OBS 29.1 in May 2023, creators could use modern codecs to stream higher-quality video to YouTube using less bandwidth. To kick off 2024, we've added more e-RTMP features in OBS 30.1 (out now!), enabling creators to stream HDR content to YouTube using HEVC over e-RTMP.

We also collaborated with YouTube to embed a streamlined version of their Live Control Room panel as a dock within OBS. Released with OBS 30.0 in November 2023, this let creators monitor CCV and stream health, manage ads, insert stream markers, and more from OBS without the need to visit YouTube. Real-time content creation and streaming can be overwhelming, and we're happy that we can provide tools to ease the burden right in OBS. We're actively working with them and providing feedback to make this feature even better!

YouTube is a pillar of creativity in the internet community, serving as a nexus for people to share all kinds of content, including live performances, live streams of video game content, educational resources, product reviews, comedy sketches, and much more. It pioneered a new generation of video content across TV, computer and mobile devices, while also providing a platform that allows anyone to create and grow a career out of video content creation.

The OBS Project team is proud to have a role in serving content creators on YouTube with free and open source tools, and are incredibly grateful to YouTube for supporting us as we continue to meet those needs!