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OBS Community Ideas and Suggestions - Fider Launched!

Ever wanted to make suggestions to the developers for cool new features and updates that you want to see in OBS Studio? How about check if other people have had the same idea as you? Now's your chance! In addition to our newly launched Discord server, we're excited to announce a brand new community feedback portal - Fider.

Your feedback has always been heard, even if we haven't been able to respond to each individual request. Fider will allow us to be much more organized and transparent with our community. We can show the things we're working on, features that are commonly requested, and even ideas that we know you want, but are either not possible to include in OBS or have been low priority. Fider will allow a much more public way for us to respond, and let you know that your voice has been heard.

Finally, we hope this gives potential developers and contributors a great place to look for the kinds of features that OBS needs, and where they can help out. We've recently updated our Getting Started with OBS Development guide, which is also linked on the Fider page.

We have pre-populated some of the more commonly requested items to give everyone an idea on the format and types of ideas we want to hear from you. See something you like? Give it a vote, and leave a comment showing your support. Don't see your idea? Add it for everyone to see! We're excited to hear what you all have to say.

Fider link: https://ideas.obsproject.com/