Minecraft Not Working With Game Capture

Minecraft does not default to the high performance GPU. In order to get it working with game capture you will need to do the following:

This is mainly for laptops and all-in-one systems.

  • Close OBS and Minecraft

  • Open the Windows 10 Settings App (Start button → Cogwheel icon)


  • Navigate to System → Display and select "Graphics settings" near the bottom

  • Choose "classic app" / "Desktop app" and hit "Browse". Navigate to javaw.exe, usually located here:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft Launcher\runtime\jre-x64\bin\javaw.exe

  • Once Minecraft/javaw.exe is added, click "Options" and choose "High Performance"

If you're using a custom launcher, you might not find javaw.exe in the default location, but instead in a subfolder under the launcher, here is how to locate that:

  • Launch Minecraft(the game, not just the launcher)
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+ESC(Escape) to open Task Manager
  • Right click Java(TM) Platform SE binary and select "Open file location"
  • The folder that opens is the location of your javaw.exe. Scroll up and use that path to find the correct javaw.exe to set to High Performance Graphics.

Once this is completed, restart both OBS and your game (remember that they should have been closed at the beginning of this guide).