Launch Parameters

OBS Studio supports the following launch parameters for automation and portable use

Parameter Description
--help, -h Get list of available parameters.*
--version, -v Get OBS version.*
--startstreaming Automatically start streaming.
--startrecording Automatically start recording.
--startreplaybuffer Automatically start Replay Buffer.
--collection "name" Start with given scene collection.
--profile "name" Start with given profile.
--scene "name" Start with given scene.
--studio-mode Start with Studio Mode active.
--minimize-to-tray Start minimized to system tray.
--portable, -p Use portable mode.
--multi, -m Don't warn when launching multiple instances.
--always-on-top Start in 'always on top' mode.
--verbose Make log more verbose.
--unfiltered_log Disable log filter (do not suppress repeated lines).
--allow-opengl Allow OpenGL renderer on Windows.

* = Not available on Windows