Launch Parameters

List of Launch Parameters

OBS Studio supports the following launch parameters for automation and portable use

Parameter Description
--help, -h Get list of available parameters.
--version, -v Get OBS version.*
--startstreaming Automatically start streaming.
--startrecording Automatically start recording.
--startvirtualcam Automatically start virtual camera.
--startreplaybuffer Automatically start Replay Buffer.
--collection "name" Start with given scene collection.
--profile "name" Start with given profile.
--scene "name" Start with given scene.
--studio-mode Start with Studio Mode active.
--minimize-to-tray Start minimized to system tray.
--portable, -p Use portable mode.
--multi, -m Don't warn when launching multiple instances.
--always-on-top Start in 'always on top' mode.
--verbose Make log more verbose.
--unfiltered_log Disable log filter (do not suppress repeated lines).
--disable-updater Disable built-in updater (Windows/macOS only).
--allow-opengl Allow OpenGL renderer on Windows.
--disable-missing-files-check Disable missing file check dialog on startup.

* = Not available on Windows

Windows-specific Instructions

To launch OBS via scheduled tasks or other automated means, make sure to also set a working directory ("Start in...") which must point to the folder where obs64.exe is located.

This is required, as OBS loads its files and plugins via relative paths starting from the working directory.