April Fools 2013 - Purchase License

As of April 1st 2013, OBS will now require a license for it's use. We've always stated that OBS would be free for life, and we would now like to state that we are liars. We would also like to state that Lamborghinis are awesome and we all want one. Ferraris are pretty nice too, and we're indecisive, so we'd like one of those too, for all of us. Considering we've been letting people use OBS for free for over 6 months now, it's only fair that you start paying up.

We always love catering to our users though, and giving them the best possible choice we can, below you will find a form for customizing your own personal OBS license to suit your needs as a streamer, and to fill our wallets with that sweet sweet money. Our wallets probably aren't big enough actually, so we'll charge a bit extra so we can buy a bank vault.

Customize License

Capture Sources
Software Capture ($4.99)
Image Source ($2.99)
Text Source ($0.99)
Video Device Source ($3.99)
Game Capture ($5.99)

Stream Capabilities
Preview Window ($9.99)
Ability to Stream ($9.99)
Ability to Record ($4.99)
Desktop Audio ($2.49)
Microphone Audio ($2.49)
Additional Audio Sources ($2.49)
Settings Menu ($4.99)
General Settings ($1.99)
Encoding Settings ($1.99)
Broadcast Settings ($1.99)
Video Settings ($1.99)
Audio Settings ($1.99)
Advanced Settings ($2.99)

Plugin Functionality ($4.99)

Total Cost: