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0000608OBS-StudioMedia Source Pluginpublic2017-08-08 14:29
ReporterColterTVAssigned ToFenrir 
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PlatformWindowsOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version0.15.0 
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Summary0000608: Audio doesn't output to stream from media and VLC sources
DescriptionThis is an intermitent issue.

Sometimes, when you play a video through the media/VLC source, the audio bar will move but people on stream won't actually get sound from that source.

Steps To ReproduceSwitch to a scene with media/VLC source and try to confirm if you get audio from it on the stream. In some cases, you won't.

This happened to me many times and some friends as well.

There's also a post on the forum asking for help on this very issue. Example:
Additional InformationIt would be great to have this fixed as you have no way to tell if the video sound is actually reaching your viewers.

A possible fix for this would be having video audio to output to desktop, that way it would be easy to confirm that you are actually getting sound off it.

Thank you
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2016-08-31 00:08

reporter   ~0000977

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Just to add a note.

If the video you're playing isn't in spec (like having a MP4 file with h.264 video and MP3 audio), you'll get no audio and/or inconsistant results during playback.


Because the file isn't in spec.

So (in general) double check the codecs used to make the file in playback.


2016-08-31 00:30

reporter   ~0000978

I understand that, but with VLC standalone it NEVER happens. One should expect the same behaviour out of the VLC source.

And never happened to me in OBS Classic either. Thats why I'm inclined to believe there's a bug somewhere (hence this report)


2016-10-21 18:09

reporter   ~0001150

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Can confirm this is still an issue, half the time the audio in an MP3 source will play and half the time it doesn't - both times the audio bar in OBS shows activity for said source.

If "in spec" means "not using MP3s" then don't allow people to add them as sources in the first place.


2017-08-05 06:10

manager   ~0002408

Can you provide a sample file that exhibits this problem? I'm not able to replicate with any of my own files.


2017-08-07 21:02

reporter   ~0002438

Hello. It's been a while since this issue was happening.

Now with the audio monitor feature I haven't experienced this issue anymore. I just output to desktop and it is working ok.


2017-08-08 14:29

manager   ~0002439

Thanks for the update. Going to close this, but do please reopen if the issue occurs again.

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