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0000439OBS-StudioVideo Capture Device Source (Windows)public2019-04-01 09:45
ReporterJack0rAssigned Tocg2121 
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PlatformOBS MultiplatformOSAll SystemsOS VersionAll Versions
Product Version0.13.0 
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Summary0000439: Add an option to disable the audio input of capture cards and webcams
DescriptionA webcam or capture card will currently always show up in the audio mixer and needs to be muted if not used. Adding an option for the Audio Output Mode in the properties of a Video Capture Device to disable the audio input would remove that device from the audio mixer.
The default would probably still be "Capture audio only" but an option "disable audio" would be very useful for bad webcam mic's or if you use a mixer and not your capture card audio.
Steps To ReproduceAdd a video capture device and check the available Audio Output Modes.
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2016-08-21 11:38

updater   ~0000943

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A better way to implement this would be that if an audio source is not active on any tracks (via the advanced audio properties) then hide it from the Mixer. If it's not being recorded, it doesn't need to be visible. :)

Also, this should really be under 'feature' in the OBS Studio UI category instead of minor.


2019-02-24 00:57

administrator   ~0003964

I agree.


2019-04-01 09:44

developer   ~0004439

You can hide/unhide items in the mixer. This was added in 20.1.0

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