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0001348OBS-StudioNVENC Output (FFmpeg)public2019-02-22 15:53
ReporterDraconicrose Assigned ToFenrir  
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PlatformOBS StudioOSLinux 
Product Version22.0.2 
Summary0001348: Press record and no output file is created.
DescriptionOS: Linux Mint 19
OBS: 22.0.2

This isn't something that happens 100% of the time but it does happen only slightly less than half the times. When I press Start Recording, or use my global hotkey to do it, OBS doesn't actually start creating the output file. The interface will say Recording and the time elapsed will tick, but if I go to the folder where I've set my files to output there will be no new file. When this happens, if I press Stop Recording or use the global hotkey, OBS will be stuck in Stopping Recording, with the time elapsing, without ever exiting. In fact, the only way to stop and exit OBS is to kill the process. This does not cause OBS to generate the file and whatever I recorded is now lost.

It doesn't look like OBS is actually throwing an error. The last 'start recording' on the log file is the only that borked and as far as the log says the file creation went just fine. Yet there was no file.
Steps To ReproduceStart OBS. Start recording.
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Suslik V

2019-01-28 07:37

reporter   ~0003804

Make one recording per reboot.


2019-01-28 14:40

reporter   ~0003805

It happens even if the PC has been rebooted.

Suslik V

2019-01-29 09:02

reporter   ~0003806

Right after reboot?


2019-01-29 21:30

reporter   ~0003807


Suslik V

2019-01-30 09:08

reporter   ~0003808

Hard reboot (power off)?


2019-01-30 12:37

reporter   ~0003809


Suslik V

2019-01-30 15:28

reporter   ~0003810

Try Lubuntu instead of Mint.


2019-01-30 17:17

reporter   ~0003811

I don't want to change OSes.

Suslik V

2019-01-31 17:12

reporter   ~0003813

Then it is big problem for you. Try at list to compile against current master of OBS Studio. Update dependencies when ever possible.

You can try live version of different OS on your PC, to see if it works there.


2019-02-10 09:22

reporter   ~0003823

I got this issue on OBS Studio 22.0.2 with Windows 10 x64 too. This happens occasionally and my recording gets lost. There wasn't any error messages displayed.

Suslik V

2019-02-11 09:32

reporter   ~0003825

@trustmeican how it lost? No file at all? Where is your log-file?


2019-02-11 10:11

reporter   ~0003827

Yes, no file at all. For the log file, sorry it happened like a month ago and I didn't copy the log away. Maybe when this happens the next time I will copy the log. There seemed to have no special message popup or in log file, I remember.

Suslik V

2019-02-11 10:27

reporter   ~0003828

Maybe you run out of disk space?


2019-02-11 10:31

reporter   ~0003829

Nope, I think. That happened not after my brand new Windows installation with new hardware. The SSD have lot of free space.


2019-02-15 14:50

administrator   ~0003837

Please also provide a log file from when the recording was not saved.


2019-02-15 15:17

reporter   ~0003838

I will, when I encounter this problem again. Thanks

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