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0001257OBS-Studiolibobspublic2019-04-14 18:13
ReporterAlexDanielAssigned Tocg2121 
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PlatformOBS StudioOSLinuxOS VersionAll Versions
Product Version21.1.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version24.0.0 
Summary0001257: Missing support for F25-F35 keys
DescriptionI'm unable to use keys F25-F35 in OBS.
Steps To Reproduce1. Go to Settings/Hotkeys
2. Select some action
3. Press F35 key on your keyboard
4. Nothing happens :(
5. However, pressing keys from F1 to F24 do set up the shortcut correctly.
Additional InformationSee this code:

Basically, it maps OBS_KEY_F* to XK_F*, but only from 1 to 24. Most keyboards only have F1-F12, but keys up to F35 are valid.

Moreover, OBS_HOTKEYS are defined up to F35, meaning that generally they should be supported:

The same issue should be reproducible on Windows because obs-windows.c also has keys defined only up to F24. I guess same should be checked for obs-cocoa.c.
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2018-07-24 18:25

developer   ~0003368

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Windows is limited to F1 to F24 (as defined in WinUser.h of the Windows SDK)
Mac is limited to F1 to F20 (as defined in Events.h of the macOS SDK) and F21 to F24 are already defined as INVALID_KEY in obs-cocoa.h

For Linux, X11 keysymdef.h has indeed support for F1 to F35.

So creating a Pull Request can only add support for those upper F keys for the Linux build of OBS.


2019-03-31 08:44

developer   ~0004423



2019-04-01 03:45

administrator   ~0004434

I seriously want a picture of your keyboard.


2019-04-01 04:07

administrator   ~0004435

It's less about the keyboard and more about having external devices that let you assign hotkeys that don't overlap with normal keyboard keys.


2019-04-01 10:37

reporter   ~0004442

Also, keyboard ≠ layout. You can assign these keys anywhere you want (especially on linux). For example, imagine F20-F29 on your numpad, it makes sense to do that if you want to make sure that other apps don't react on global obs shortcuts.


2019-04-14 18:13

developer   ~0004498

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