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0001112OBS-StudioMedia Sourcepublic2019-11-23 11:40
ReporterAdamJ Assigned To 
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
PlatformOBS StudioOSWindows 
Product Version20.1.3 
Summary0001112: rtsp source (Samsung IP camera) hangs after successfully starting recording on versions above 20.0.1
DescriptionEvery time I upgrade to a version above 20.0.1, the media sources which are multiple different Samsung smartcams (connected by IP - rtsp://USER:PASSWORD@XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:554/onvif/profile4/media.smp), will start recording or streaming as normal. After 10+ minutes, the image in the preview and the recorded video stays still and freeze. This happens on different machines using different Samsung smartcams
Steps To ReproduceAdd media source using rtsp connection with IP address of camera - (rtsp://USER:PASSWORD@XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:554/onvif/profile4/media.smp)

Start recording and leave the recording to run until the frozen image appears and is also reflected in the recorded file. (Usually after 10 mins of recording)
Additional InformationLog File

18:16:46.206: CPU Name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz
18:16:46.206: CPU Speed: 3093MHz
18:16:46.206: Physical Cores: 4, Logical Cores: 4
18:16:46.206: Physical Memory: 3983MB Total, 2195MB Free
18:16:46.206: Windows Version: 10.0 Build 16299 (revision: 192; 64-bit)
18:16:46.206: Running as administrator: false
18:16:46.206: Aero is Enabled (Aero is always on for windows 8 and above)
18:16:46.206: Windows 10 Gaming Features:
18:16:46.206: Game Bar: Off
18:16:46.206: Game DVR Allowed: Yes
18:16:46.206: Game DVR: On
18:16:46.206: Game DVR Background Recording: Off
18:16:46.224: Game Mode: Off
18:16:46.224: Portable mode: false
18:16:46.338: OBS 20.1.3 (64bit, windows)
18:16:46.338: ---------------------------------
18:16:46.360: ---------------------------------
18:16:46.360: audio settings reset:
18:16:46.360: samples per sec: 44100
18:16:46.360: speakers: 2
18:16:46.406: ---------------------------------
18:16:46.406: Initializing D3D11...
18:16:46.406: Available Video Adapters:
18:16:46.408: Adapter 1: Intel(R) HD Graphics
18:16:46.408: Dedicated VRAM: 33554432
18:16:46.408: Shared VRAM: 1711276032
18:16:46.408: output 1: pos={0, 0}, size={1280, 1024}, attached=true
18:16:46.503: Loading up D3D11 on adapter Intel(R) HD Graphics (0)
18:16:46.510: D3D11 loaded successfully, feature level used: 41216
18:16:47.622: ---------------------------------
18:16:47.623: video settings reset:
18:16:47.623: base resolution: 1280x720
18:16:47.623: output resolution: 1280x720
18:16:47.623: downscale filter: Bicubic
18:16:47.623: fps: 30/1
18:16:47.623: format: NV12
18:16:47.623: Audio monitoring device:
18:16:47.623: name: Default
18:16:47.623: id: default
18:16:47.623: ---------------------------------
18:16:47.670: [CoreAudio encoder]: CoreAudio AAC encoder not installed on the system or couldn't be loaded
18:16:47.843: [AMF] Encountered Exception during AMF initialization: Unable to load 'amfrt64.dll', error code 126.
18:16:47.843: Failed to initialize module 'enc-amf.dll'
18:16:48.467: LoadLibrary failed for 'nvEncodeAPI64.dll': The specified module could not be found.
18:16:48.467: (126)
18:16:49.530: Couldn't find VLC installation, VLC video source disabled
18:16:49.639: No blackmagic support
18:16:50.388: ---------------------------------
18:16:50.388: Loaded Modules:
18:16:50.388: win-wasapi.dll
18:16:50.388: win-mf.dll
18:16:50.388: win-dshow.dll
18:16:50.388: win-decklink.dll
18:16:50.388: win-capture.dll
18:16:50.388: vlc-video.dll
18:16:50.388: text-freetype2.dll
18:16:50.388: rtmp-services.dll
18:16:50.388: obs-x264.dll
18:16:50.388: obs-vst.dll
18:16:50.388: obs-transitions.dll
18:16:50.388: obs-text.dll
18:16:50.388: obs-qsv11.dll
18:16:50.388: obs-outputs.dll
18:16:50.388: obs-filters.dll
18:16:50.388: obs-ffmpeg.dll
18:16:50.388: image-source.dll
18:16:50.388: frontend-tools.dll
18:16:50.388: enc-amf.dll
18:16:50.388: coreaudio-encoder.dll
18:16:50.388: ---------------------------------
18:16:50.388: ==== Startup complete ===============================================
18:16:50.393: All scene data cleared
18:16:50.393: ------------------------------------------------
18:16:50.506: WASAPI: Device 'Line In (Realtek High Definition Audio)' initialized
18:16:50.506: [Media Source 'Fire Camera']: settings:
18:16:50.506: input: rtsp://USER:PASS@XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:554/onvif/profile4/media.smp ****IP and credentials hidden for security****
18:16:50.506: input_format:
18:16:50.506: is_looping: no
18:16:50.506: is_hw_decoding: yes
18:16:50.506: is_clear_on_media_end: no
18:16:50.506: restart_on_activate: no
18:16:50.506: close_when_inactive: yes
18:16:50.509: Switched to scene 'Fire'
18:16:50.509: ------------------------------------------------
18:16:50.509: Loaded scenes:
18:16:50.509: - scene 'Fire':
18:16:50.509: - source: 'Fire Camera' (ffmpeg_source)
18:16:50.509: ------------------------------------------------
18:16:52.664: adding 23 milliseconds of audio buffering, total audio buffering is now 23 milliseconds
18:16:53.797: ---------------------------------
18:16:53.797: [x264 encoder: 'recording_h264'] preset: veryfast
18:16:53.797: [x264 encoder: 'recording_h264'] profile: high
18:16:53.797: [x264 encoder: 'recording_h264'] settings:
18:16:53.797: rate_control: CBR
18:16:53.797: bitrate: 2500
18:16:53.797: buffer size: 2500
18:16:53.797: crf: 0
18:16:53.797: fps_num: 30
18:16:53.797: fps_den: 1
18:16:53.797: width: 1280
18:16:53.797: height: 720
18:16:53.797: keyint: 250
18:16:53.812: [Media Foundation AAC: 'Track1']: encoder created
18:16:53.812: bitrate: 160
18:16:53.812: channels: 2
18:16:53.812: sample rate: 44100
18:16:53.812: bits-per-sample: 16
18:16:53.826: ==== Recording Start ===============================================
18:16:53.826: [ffmpeg muxer: 'adv_file_output'] Writing file 'C:/Users/enginerooms/Desktop/Recordings/2018-01-16 18-16-53.mp4'...
20:04:10.151: [ffmpeg muxer: 'adv_file_output'] Output of file 'C:/Users/enginerooms/Desktop/Recordings/2018-01-16 18-16-53.mp4' stopped
20:04:10.152: Output 'adv_file_output': stopping
20:04:10.152: Output 'adv_file_output': Total frames output: 193045
20:04:10.152: Output 'adv_file_output': Total drawn frames: 193089
20:04:10.154: Video stopped, number of skipped frames due to encoding lag: 9/193074 (0.0%)
20:04:10.209: ==== Recording Stop ================================================
20:04:21.345: ==== Shutting down ==================================================
20:04:21.389: Switched to scene '(null)'
20:04:21.445: WASAPI: Device 'Line In (Realtek High Definition Audio)' Terminated
20:04:21.451: All scene data cleared
20:04:21.451: ------------------------------------------------
20:04:21.827: Freeing OBS context data
20:04:22.141: == Profiler Results =============================
20:04:22.141: run_program_init: 4568.73 ms
20:04:22.141: ┣OBSApp::AppInit: 27.525 ms
20:04:22.141: ┃ ┗OBSApp::InitLocale: 5.205 ms
20:04:22.141: ┗OBSApp::OBSInit: 4437.86 ms
20:04:22.141: ┣obs_startup: 20.783 ms
20:04:22.141: ┗OBSBasic::OBSInit: 4264.03 ms
20:04:22.141: ┣OBSBasic::InitBasicConfig: 0.925 ms
20:04:22.141: ┣OBSBasic::ResetAudio: 0.151 ms
20:04:22.141: ┣OBSBasic::ResetVideo: 1262.51 ms
20:04:22.141: ┣OBSBasic::InitOBSCallbacks: 0.005 ms
20:04:22.141: ┣OBSBasic::InitHotkeys: 0.044 ms
20:04:22.141: ┣obs_load_all_modules: 2764.52 ms
20:04:22.141: ┃ ┣obs_init_module(coreaudio-encoder.dll): 2.147 ms
20:04:22.141: ┃ ┣obs_init_module(enc-amf.dll): 29.798 ms
20:04:22.141: ┃ ┣obs_init_module(frontend-tools.dll): 2.414 ms
20:04:22.141: ┃ ┣obs_init_module(image-source.dll): 0.024 ms
20:04:22.141: ┃ ┣obs_init_module(obs-ffmpeg.dll): 2.113 ms
20:04:22.141: ┃ ┣obs_init_module(obs-filters.dll): 0.046 ms
20:04:22.142: ┃ ┣obs_init_module(obs-outputs.dll): 0.024 ms
20:04:22.142: ┃ ┣obs_init_module(obs-qsv11.dll): 359.134 ms
20:04:22.142: ┃ ┣obs_init_module(obs-text.dll): 0.657 ms
20:04:22.142: ┃ ┣obs_init_module(obs-transitions.dll): 0.015 ms
20:04:22.142: ┃ ┣obs_init_module(obs-vst.dll): 0.003 ms
20:04:22.142: ┃ ┣obs_init_module(obs-x264.dll): 0.002 ms
20:04:22.142: ┃ ┣obs_init_module(rtmp-services.dll): 13.866 ms
20:04:22.142: ┃ ┣obs_init_module(text-freetype2.dll): 0.385 ms
20:04:22.142: ┃ ┣obs_init_module(vlc-video.dll): 0.115 ms
20:04:22.142: ┃ ┣obs_init_module(win-capture.dll): 0.298 ms
20:04:22.142: ┃ ┣obs_init_module(win-decklink.dll): 1.125 ms
20:04:22.142: ┃ ┣obs_init_module(win-dshow.dll): 104.052 ms
20:04:22.142: ┃ ┣obs_init_module(win-mf.dll): 47.741 ms
20:04:22.142: ┃ ┣obs_init_module(win-wasapi.dll): 0.015 ms
20:04:22.142: ┃ ┗reset_win32_symbol_paths: 1.989 ms
20:04:22.142: ┣OBSBasic::ResetOutputs: 1.52 ms
20:04:22.142: ┣OBSBasic::CreateHotkeys: 0.068 ms
20:04:22.142: ┣OBSBasic::InitService: 0.643 ms
20:04:22.142: ┣OBSBasic::InitPrimitives: 0.77 ms
20:04:22.142: ┗OBSBasic::Load: 118.549 ms
20:04:22.142: obs_hotkey_thread(25 ms): min=0.004 ms, median=0.01 ms, max=1.971 ms, 99th percentile=0.073 ms, 100% below 25 ms
20:04:22.142: audio_thread(Audio): min=0 ms, median=0.396 ms, max=613.365 ms, 99th percentile=0.929 ms
20:04:22.154: ┗receive_audio: min=0.002 ms, median=0.33 ms, max=613.299 ms, 99th percentile=0.826 ms
20:04:22.154: ┣buffer_audio: min=0 ms, median=0.001 ms, max=0.138 ms, 99th percentile=0.004 ms
20:04:22.154: ┗do_encode: min=0.183 ms, median=0.325 ms, max=613.293 ms, 99th percentile=0.819 ms
20:04:22.154: ┗encode(Track1): min=0.167 ms, median=0.253 ms, max=1.072 ms, 99th percentile=0.75 ms
20:04:22.154: obs_graphics_thread(33.3333 ms): min=0.548 ms, median=1.408 ms, max=65.668 ms, 99th percentile=2.944 ms, 99.9985% below 33.333 ms
20:04:22.154: ┣tick_sources: min=0.001 ms, median=0.007 ms, max=2.176 ms, 99th percentile=0.013 ms
20:04:22.154: ┣render_displays: min=0.001 ms, median=0.566 ms, max=64.71 ms, 99th percentile=1.761 ms
20:04:22.154: ┗output_frame: min=0.426 ms, median=0.822 ms, max=19.304 ms, 99th percentile=1.269 ms
20:04:22.154: ┣gs_context(video->graphics): min=0.231 ms, median=0.396 ms, max=19.303 ms, 99th percentile=0.717 ms
20:04:22.154: ┃ ┣render_video: min=0.129 ms, median=0.245 ms, max=18.092 ms, 99th percentile=0.472 ms
20:04:22.154: ┃ ┃ ┣render_main_texture: min=0.004 ms, median=0.087 ms, max=0.664 ms, 99th percentile=0.218 ms
20:04:22.154: ┃ ┃ ┣render_output_texture: min=0.003 ms, median=0.056 ms, max=0.41 ms, 99th percentile=0.121 ms
20:04:22.154: ┃ ┃ ┣render_convert_texture: min=0.001 ms, median=0.053 ms, max=0.265 ms, 99th percentile=0.106 ms
20:04:22.154: ┃ ┃ ┗stage_output_texture: min=0 ms, median=0.045 ms, max=17.89 ms, 99th percentile=0.079 ms
20:04:22.154: ┃ ┣download_frame: min=0 ms, median=0.01 ms, max=3.993 ms, 99th percentile=0.016 ms
20:04:22.154: ┃ ┗gs_flush: min=0.089 ms, median=0.139 ms, max=1.881 ms, 99th percentile=0.234 ms
20:04:22.155: ┗output_video_data: min=0.002 ms, median=0.434 ms, max=14.179 ms, 99th percentile=0.597 ms
20:04:22.155: video_thread(video): min=0 ms, median=1.034 ms, max=594.307 ms, 99th percentile=1.535 ms
20:04:22.155: ┗receive_video: min=0 ms, median=1.032 ms, max=594.304 ms, 99th percentile=1.531 ms
20:04:22.155: ┗do_encode: min=0.728 ms, median=1.031 ms, max=594.302 ms, 99th percentile=1.529 ms
20:04:22.155: ┗encode(recording_h264): min=0.691 ms, median=0.984 ms, max=17.628 ms, 99th percentile=1.466 ms
20:04:22.155: =================================================
20:04:22.155: == Profiler Time Between Calls ==================
20:04:22.155: obs_hotkey_thread(25 ms): min=24.172 ms, median=25.284 ms, max=31.274 ms, 68.3535% within ±2% of 25 ms (0.00510579% lower, 31.6414% higher)
20:04:22.155: obs_graphics_thread(33.3333 ms): min=18.001 ms, median=33.333 ms, max=65.691 ms, 99.9861% within ±2% of 33.333 ms (0.00723051% lower, 0.00671404% higher)
20:04:22.155: =================================================
20:04:22.538: Number of memory leaks: 0
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related to 0000875 assignedFenrir Highly Unstable for professional use with RTMP Inputs 
related to 0001317 confirmedFenrir Media Source does not reconnect to remote streams, even when restart playback when active set 



2018-01-27 19:28

reporter   ~0003062

Failing to reconnect a RTSP stream seems to be an old issue. I'm experiencing it too (different camera) and all I was able to find was lots of similar reports.
It's weird as OBS Classic did not have the problem.


2019-02-24 03:36

administrator   ~0003989

Cleaning up old mantis cases, is this issue still present in the current OBS release?

Will close in a few days if no response.


2019-02-24 03:58

reporter   ~0003994

It is present when the signal is lost for whatever reason. I've tried "replay playlist" but didn't do much.


2019-02-24 07:18

administrator   ~0004054

There are a bunch of similar cases to this, where Media Source doesn't restart on a connection failure, and must be manually "kicked" before it will start again.

This is a very difficult thing to fix, which is why the issue is still present.


2019-02-24 19:11

reporter   ~0004085

Well, I don't know much about these things but if it needs to be "kicked" perhaps all you need is to detect failure, since "kicking" is a solution that would make everyone happy.
There is a workaround:
But it's far from ideal for many reasons.


2019-02-25 01:36

administrator   ~0004112

There's really no programmatic way to detect the failure, which is the problem. It's easy to detect it as a person watching the feed, but in code it's not that simple.

Then you have to answer questions like, do we add a checkbox for automatically reconnecting? How long is the timeout? How many times should it retry connection? Etc. etc.

Solutions that seem simple, rarely are.

Suslik V

2019-02-27 14:45

reporter   ~0004149

In general, "Failure" is when timestamp not increasing (monotonically). Just a note.


2019-04-06 01:07

reporter   ~0004458

this is also happening to me with a reolink ip camera rtsp stream. also same happens when added as a vlc source. am trying a vlc playlist with multiple instances of the camera address, will update


2019-04-07 11:27

reporter   ~0004465

Just FYI - adding the rtsp address as a vlc source on it's own did not work, however adding it several times to the 'playlist' did work - i added it 10 times.

also FYI the streamlabs version of OBS has no issues with losing the rtsp stream at all.

Suslik V

2019-04-12 06:56

reporter   ~0004487

@Soultrader you mean looped playback list of 10 same network sources - if one fails the next should play?


2019-04-12 09:00

reporter   ~0004488

yep, this is how i have it

i probably don't need anywhere near as many but it doesn't fail so i leave em in there

oh, and streamlabs is no different, must've had a lucky night with that lol


2019-04-15 09:39

reporter   ~0004501

ahh, nope, even with multiples it now fails - just lasts a bit longer is all.

so this is still an ongoing issue 3 years on.


2019-04-16 02:58

administrator   ~0004502

Potential solution here:


2019-05-28 04:19

reporter   ~0004573

If you use VLC (latest version), RTSP might freeze as well.
Solution, download a slightly older version:


2019-05-28 19:08

reporter   ~0004574

Last edited: 2019-05-28 19:11

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2019-06-19 02:32

reporter   ~0004598

I tried with the buffer size described as a potential solution by Fenrir. I tested with 23.2.1. It may reduce likelihood of the occurrence in a given interval but it doesn't resolve the problem. It takes a few minutes but it recurs.

I found many references to this problem in the forums. Why is this issue listed with severity minor? It makes using the product with rtsp video sources problematic. I'm presently using the VLC source as a workaround but there are problems with the VLC source perceiving different sizes for the source from one day to the next and I receive different video delay from one run to the next. So the VLC workaround is not a solution.

@Fenrir: what evidence is there this is a hard problem? Do you know which source files read streams for the Media Source?

Is this known to affect both rtmp and rtsp sources? I have observed it with RTSP sources.

Would I be right to suspect the problem is likely to be in the source file:

Do developers look at these issues or read these comments?


2019-06-19 05:11

reporter   ~0004599

Last edited: 2019-06-19 11:38

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Is the problem evident on Linux builds? I don't have Visual Studio so the only way for me to build and test would be on Linux.

I read obs-ffmpeg-source.c and media.c. I notice that looping is disabled for stream sources. Would enabling looping trigger auto-reconnect? I haven't read far enough to understand what the looping flag does. It is not clear to me what the next relevant source file is.

Does the following mean if the media doesn't init then it gives up? This doesn't seem appropriate for IP streamed media.
media.c 709 if (!mp_media_init_internal(media, info)) {
        return false;


2019-06-19 11:37

reporter   ~0004602

I found a report on case 0000875 indicating the problem is evident on Linux builds which answers one of my questions.


2019-06-20 21:06

administrator   ~0004603

Last edited: 2019-06-20 21:07

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I'll try and answer the questions in order they weer asked here:

Media Source is based on ffmpeg, and there has been some evidence (which I don't have in front of me) that shows the issue is present using ffmpeg directly as well. This does not, however, say that there isn't a bug or something we can do on our side to correct the issue. On Windows at least, we are shipping with a very old version of ffmpeg. On linux I would recommend making sure your installed ffmpeg is as recent as you can and see if the issue persists for testing. We haven't made any major changes to media source in some time. As for this being a hard problem, it's difficult as most of the handling of the streams is being dealt with by ffmpeg, so we're not in direct control of it. We also haven't had any developers who have had time to look.

I have seen it with both RTMP and RTSP streams.

obs-studio/plugins/obs-ffmpeg/obs-ffmpeg-source.c is the media source code, yes.

Developers do look at these issues, yes. The reason this is minor severity is because there aren't many people using rtmp/rtsp as sources in OBS, and in a lot of cases they are working just fine. I understand that it's frustrating to you as an individual, but keep in mind OBS has millions of users and only a handful of developers so we need to make sure we are focusing our priorities toward the majority userbase. It sucks, I know, and I wish we could spend time investigating and fixing every single bug but we just don't have the time. I'll poke the rest of the team and see if I can find someone to at least take an initial look from a developer standpoint.

Where we typically see the most issues is very cheap no-name brand IP cameras, or similar very cheap devices that send out unreliable streams.


2019-06-20 21:14

administrator   ~0004604

Also 0001485 is where R1CH started checking in to this recently, and if this is an issue with ffmpeg like it suggest, it should be resolved with an ffmpeg update.


2019-06-20 21:44

reporter   ~0004606

I use ffmpeg on windows to record feed from RTSP camta. Not even once I've encountered this issue to the best of my knowledge.


2019-06-20 22:24

reporter   ~0004607

just to add to this as a user. it's not just media source, it's also the vlc source setting and it's still an issue - i use a reolink camera which are not cheap and nasty old camera's as suggested. This error makes obs unusable over many hours - my use is about 3 - 4 hours at a time and having the vlcsource with multiple listings seems to hold it for long enough, however if i leave it running overnight then every morning it is indeed frozen.

I have several different rtsp cameras and if you wish i will run all three at the same time to see if it happens on them all. would this be useful? maybe not, because the issue is there regardless.


2019-06-20 23:23

reporter   ~0004608

Last edited: 2019-06-21 04:50

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@Fenrir, I think you are right that 0001485 is related to this issue.
I would do the following (and will attempt if I can first reproduce on Linux and then get a Linux dev environment working).
1. emit some useful messages to the log. At present it is not clear when the stream freezes or how. Is it due to timeout, EOF or error passed from the network layer?
2. implement never give up auto-reconnect which seems to me to be a suitable default for a network stream. I think the proposal on 0001485 is useful to reduce the incidence but auto-reconnect would also be useful regardless. I've had to reboot a camera during a trial broadcast.
3. contemplate how to fix variability in delay... probably a tougher problem.

I've used ffplay to play the stream without observing a problem over 10 minutes. I'll run a longer trial. ffplay will emit messages like the below but continues to play the source.

[rtsp @ 000001ebecbd7f80] max delay reached. need to consume packet
[rtsp @ 000001ebecbd7f80] RTP: missed 17 packets
[h264 @ 000001ebef750800] concealing 136 DC, 136 AC, 136 MV errors in P frame
[h264 @ 000001ebef8fd040] Increasing reorder buffer to 1 0B f=1/1
[rtsp @ 000001ebecbd7f80] Too short data for FU-A H.264 RTP packet

I used the ffplay version noted below on Windows for 5 hours. The stream played those various errors were reported.
ffplay version 4.1.1 Copyright (c) 2003-2019 the FFmpeg developers
  built with gcc 8.2.1 (GCC) 20190212


2019-06-22 19:22

reporter   ~0004615

I reproduced the symptom on OpenSUSE Leap 15.0 using OBS 23.2.1. The symptom occurred within 20 minutes.
I built from git source (OBS 23.2.1-15-g6a795d52 (linux)) and the symptom was not observed in a three hour test.
I retested with the stock 23.2.1 and the symptom recurred within 10 minutes.
Next I'll try with the 23.2.1 source.


2019-06-23 03:23

reporter   ~0004617

I built from source what I thought was 23.2.1 but there are some anomalies. I downloaded

1. When I run it, the version in the log file shows as 0.0.1 instead of 23.2.1 (example below)
2. The symptom I was trying to reproduce was not observed in a 5 hour test. I was expecting the same problem as observed when using 23.2.1 binaries from
3. My build shows several messages reading "Invalid UE golomb code" per second
4. My build does not including a line "FFMPEG VAAPI supported" in the log. My research suggests I may need the dev package libva-devel.
5. I intended to build the portable per instructions at
 however the log shows Portable mode: false

I followed most of the instructions at
I needed to install some additional devel packages not listed, perhaps of some significance was that I didn't change the priority of the packman repository as the first time I tried changing the priority of packman it messed up KDE.

Am I doing it right? What am I doing wrong that makes it appear to work more reliably? I'm building on a patched openSUSE 15.0, perhaps that is the difference.

04:23:26 PM.181: Kernel Version: Linux 4.12.14-lp150.12.64-default
04:23:26 PM.181: Distribution: "openSUSE Leap" "15.0"
04:23:26 PM.181: Window System: X11.0, Vendor: The X.Org Foundation, Version: 1.19.6
04:23:26 PM.183: Portable mode: false
04:23:26 PM.443: OBS 0.0.1 (linux)


2019-06-23 21:12

reporter   ~0004619

I rebuilt 23.2.1 after installing libva-devel. I found no evidence that libva headers are referenced in the code. I still don't see "FFMPEG VAAPI supported" in the log and I haven't observed the symptom on the version I compiled. I'm puzzled by the poor performance evident on the Linux build. The stats window shows rendering takes 50ms. The CPU of openSUSE box I'm using for testing is more capable than my Windows laptop and the CPU utilization is reported as low. Odd that frames would be lost due to rendering and that the average time to render is so high.

Next I'll try installing the ffmpeg libraries from packman. Maybe that will make it break in the same way as the release build.


2019-06-24 04:08

reporter   ~0004620

I was able to reproduce the symptom when built with the packman ffmpeg-3 "devel" packages and the 23.2.1 source.
I also noted the message regarding VAAPI was present and the stats window showed better time to render frames until shortly before the symptom ocurred. For about 20 seconds prior to the source ending playback, the frame render time jumped up from generally below 10ms to 50ms.

Next (perhaps Friday) I'll build and test a current git clone.

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