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0001089OBS-StudioVLC Sourcepublic2018-09-28 09:35
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Summary0001089: DV Cam support.
DescriptionI have a lot DV (Panasonic GS400/500/...) and HDV cams (Canon HV20-30-40) and the facts are (on Windows):
* OBS studio cannot capture DV and HDV cams as "Video Capture Device". :( (red pixel-square, zero width)
old known problem, see

* VLC captures ("dshow://" both) DV and HDV cams.
* HDV cams captured OK by OBS studio as "VLC Video Source"
* DV cams NOT CAPTURED by OBS studio as "VLC Video Source" — "green square with right dimensions"

I think there is some small bug because "VLC Video Source" works OK with all sources — webcams and even HDV-cams... but only old good DV-cams abandoned.

How to debug it? (without deep dive with compiling etc..)
May be I can put on verbose logs?
May be there exists a workaround?

Any ideas welcomed...
Steps To Reproduce* Get laptop or desktop with firewire.
* Get any DV cam, and connect it by firewire.
* Try to capture with any OBS studio (I tried all major versions — 14-15-16-17-18-19-20)

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related to 0000709 new DV Camera(s) do not work 



2017-12-21 15:22

administrator   ~0002864

Leaving this one open as it directly relates to the VLC source, and not video capture device source, but this is essentially a duplicate of 0000709

Jason Sayler

2018-03-05 19:52

reporter   ~0003167

Same issue can't use my Panasonic with Firewire as Video Capture Source

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