0001214: [OBS Studio UI (Qt)] Scroll wheel events modifies keyboard focus (Jim)
0001257: [libobs] Missing support for F25-F35 keys (cg2121)
0000915: [OBS Studio UI (Qt)] Autoselecting all text when renaming source (Fenrir)
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0001446: [Themes] Legacy "Default" theme causes issues in 24.0.0 (cg2121)
0001433: [macOS (General)] Revert Settings Category Selection UI (23.1.0) (Fenrir)
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Released 2019-04-02
0001418: [Image/Slideshow/Color Source] Image slideshow prompts for a file when editing a directory entry (cg2121)
0001394: [OBS Studio UI (Qt)] unused help icon (R1CH)
0001408: [Video Capture Device Source (Windows)] OBS Studio crash on opening AVerMedia DarkCrystal SD C351 source (R1CH)
0000934: [OBS Studio UI (Qt)] "Hide source when playback ends" does not show source as hidden when ending. (Fenrir)
0001396: [OBS Studio UI (Qt)] "Yes/No" text isn't using localized strings in the ‚ÄĚDialog with no source" (dodgepong)
0001395: [OBS Studio UI (Qt)] Stats window "HDD Space Available" (dodgepong)
0000960: [libobs] Audio from mono input quieter than in other recording programs (pkv)
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