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0001345: [OBS Studio UI] Rachni theme bug (Fenrir)
0001320: [Media Source Plugin] RTMP Stream input does not properly handle audio upon input stream restart (Jim)
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Coming SOON™
0000610: [libobs] Support for direct surface access for hardware Encoders (Xaymar)
0001238: [Transitions Plugin] Request: Disable "Transition" button while a transition is active (Jim)
0000447: [libobs] Multi-Track Audio support with Custom Output (FFmpeg). (Jim)
0001276: [libobs-opengl] Adjusting crop on a source leaks VRAM (RytoEX)
0001092: [Browser Plugin (obs-browser)] OBS command line parameters don't get passed along to CEF (RytoEX)
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Released 2018-09-02
OBS Studio 22.0.3 (macOS hotfix)
macOS-only hotfix
* Fixed a crash on startup
0001012: [Media Source Plugin] lavfi not available/not working (Fenrir)
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Released 2018-08-31
OBS Studio 22.0.2
Hotfix release

* Revert Qt on macOS back to Qt 5.10.1 to fix some crashes with Interact mode and with the Filters window
* other fixes
0001278: [OBS Studio UI] Create a new profile, the Hotkeys UI field moves. (RytoEX)
0001277: [OBS Studio UI] streaming start Hotkeys disappears (RytoEX)
0001280: [OBS Studio UI] Unable to change Font (RytoEX)
0001272: [OBS Basic UI] Random crash upon left clicking a projector (RytoEX)
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