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Hi BidDaD,
I know you are also looking to sort out your issue but you may help me please.
I am stuck where I can't even add my IPcam on OBS. I am using AXIS P3354.
Can you please tell me the basic settings just to add the cam as video source?
Hello. I saw your YouTube video about the mouse highlight program. Looks very good indeed and has come at a very useful time for those asked to produce content rather than delivering face to face. Please can you let me know how I can get a copy. Many thanks!
If you follow the link below the YouTube video, you should be able to get to my lab's website and the download link. Let me know if you need more help!
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Hi! Sorry to bother you but I couldn't find a ASIO thread in the plugins. Will the new OBS 25 update break the plugin?
If the ABI of OBS changes between versions then plugins from previous versions no longer function, that happened between 23 and 24. Pretty sure we've recompiled for 24 and I doubt they've changed anything to the ABI since. If it doesn't launch at all then let me know.
Dear OBS Team,

Hope my message will finds you well;

I am newbie in your OBS Studio, since I played games from my iPhone I was tried to stream it into my Facebook through Live, but unfornately I am getting some of delay like 12sec or more in Facebook live from OBS but the video from Facebook was so clear and fine only the issue is the Delay.

Can you be so kind to help me and give some tips nor solution?
absolutely unable this go round. Did a ton of streaming maybe 16 -24 months ago. Now I absolutely cannot get a picture. And I can't follow any of the instructions to post my logs. Everyone say click help key WHERE T F is that???
we need to be able to go back and forth. When will you be here again? How will I know? Can you send an email to alert me?