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I care about all of us sharing the things we learn, together. Its powerful. Enough said.
2018/09 : I will not reply the common plugin usage problems because of personal healthy issue in next 3 months . If you have bugs to report , please leave it on github page
Hello, do you happen to know how to change the color(OBS INPUT OVERLAY) user under the name universallp. Said maybe you have a file where I can just change the texture(color keyboard)
I solved my "clicking and popping" problem by lowering some settings: FPS to 30; Bitrate to 2200; Encoder to Quicksync H264. Everything works fine now.
PL version
Jestem Pleysek nagrywam na yt
mozesz dac suba

ENG version
Hi im Pleysek i recodr to Youtube
you can give me sub
"A descendant of kings
No, I'm a pharaoh, that's part of Egyptian religion
That ended when Romans began to accept Christianity
I am omnipotent
Call me Osiris, the god of the afterlife
How I transitioned the regeneration that I resurrected
The message directed is truth for a liar, the way I am robbing" - KAAN, Rap God
Hi, I am interested in the Keyboard, I would like to implement a number of independent push buttons, your implementation will give me a starting point.
Thanks ,Jac33
your signature is confusing
you'd have 0 fingers, so does that mean 0 reasons?
There's not "No problem" there's "No good reason"