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hey , have you find a fix of that , cuz i looking for that my self..:On the Adventure of van helsing final cut with that screen blur on secret lair , when i recording there ,, i ssee that blurr screen on obs..EDIT: fix it , i swich from game capture to display capture on obs...
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Found your now playing script and would like to collaborate on some changes. Would you be OK with putting it on github in order to do so?
hi there i have a question for the virtual camera you have any idea why isnt working with and how i can fix it because everytime i try to use it says that i had denied acces to my equipment and i have them all enabled
I need help. I am using a 2k ultrawide monitor an Alienware PC with an I7 8700K and a RTX 2080 TI, 16 GB 3200mhz ram and I am getting serious stream buffering and stuttering but there are no drooped frames. My Download speed is 498Mbps and i get 20 Mbps upload. Do you have any clue what the problem is or do you have any settings that you suggest I use?
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