x264 settings optimizer


Hello everyone,

I was searching for a way for optimizing my stream and maybe try to push my stream 1080p.
And found this tool with which i can test settings.
To test your settings you need to put a video file in the program.


In the first screen you select a video file and set your bitrate.


In the second you select your resoltuion, preset and how much frames you want.
Unfortunate you can't test 60fps, because it only goes to 35 fps.
Under tested you can see the results in CPU usage and picture quality.

The calculating are pretty rough so you will need to test it by yourself.
Second this tool is pretty much based on the encoding of Xsplit which is heavier on your system.

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Program author: CurvyGoonette


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Thanks for posting this here, but as you can see in the Original thread, its pretty much an alpha software which also hasnt been updated for 5 months.
So while OBS practically updated its x264 library, changed alot of stuff, optimized and so on, this tool is meant to work "for" XSplit and you should be playing your game while it runs in the background on a one PC setup.

So use the results with great care, I personally would just directly test with OBS, keep an Eye on CPU/GPU usage with ProcessExplorer, and check the VoD afterwards. Thats all one needs :)


That's true.
I also do that and it was pretty to try some settings and i came to the conclusion i already use the best settings for my computer :).
You use this tool if you are setting the software up for the first time or to see if you can do higher settings.


This will give unrealistic results. You can max out your CPU and then realizing while game crashes when starting the stream "Oh..yeah.. i need some room for the game.."


That's true and forgot the GPU which is also important.
I can only tutorial like things in 1080p, because my CPU is too weak.