Question / Help Which port to open?


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I am going to stream with your software but I'll be in a place where the internet is under a proxy.
That's why I have to ask for a permission to the network admin so that I'll be able to stream, but I must give the port(s) that have to be opened.

I already made some researches and found that "The default RTMP port is TCP 1935.", but this was a 2012 post.

So my question is: Does opening TCP 1935 (UP and Down ?) is enough to stream ? ( will be used)

Thank you.


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It is for streaming!
The port opening is for a computer which will be using OBS to stream a game, not looking at Twitch ;)


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Outbound TCP port 1935 is all that's required for RTMP to Twitch and other common providers. Some non-Twitch servers can use different ports however.