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I've been having this weird intermittent upstream bandwidth issue.
First of all this is the first time ive streamed at my new apartment with new modem/router and new ethernet cables.
I can have a perfect stream for 3.5 hours for example then all of a sudden my bitrate just goes to shit. Starts dropping, sometimes to zero, come back, drops again. Sometimes for 5-10 mins at a time. This happens every stream no matter the time of day but never immediately always well into my stream.
Ive had techs from the isp out here multiple times, all signals are good, modem/router is good etc. They claim everything on their end is good. I'm hoping its not an intermittent issue with one of their nodes or something, ive had that issue in another city with them and its such a pain to get them to look into/fix.

Modem and router are gigabit provided by spectrum.
i'm using these ethernet cables which i'm concluding is top of the list of possible culprits. Ive read a few review sites claiming they have bandwidth issues. It also fails the Intel cable test utility.
Also i feel like im not getting high enough transfer speeds from one pc to another, both with ssd's/gigabit nics plugged into same gigabit router same ethernet cables.
I'll need to order a higher quality 50ft cable to really test this issue though as my pc is about 20ft from the router.

Tests run
Had a good 4.5 hour stream then it just started taking a shit the last 30 min
Twitch bandwidth test showed significant bitrate drops to the houston server. Switched servers and it went away, then came back.

Results of a 12 hour stream over night.
ive also done all the obvious things, windows is running in high performance power plan, power saving and other restrictive options disabled in the network adapter.

Anyway im just looking for opinions on anything else i should try before i start throwing money at it.


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