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Hi Guys, my name is Chris, i´m a Hobby Streamer on Twitch (BlackSnowTV).

The last couple of Weeks i got some audio issues.

I have an Avermedia HD (PCI) in my streaming pc, which captures all video and audio data from my gaming pc. Im using OBS Studio and WIN10 on both PCs.

All runs fine since a couple of weeks ago. My voice sounds way deeper as it should. Also the Voices of my friends, talking over TeamSpeak sounds deeper in the Stream. My Voice over Teamspeak sounds normal. A restart fixes that problem, but now it doesn´t. I don’t even know if it´s an OBS or a capture card problem or what else?

So my question is, has anyone else that problem?
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Strange one, do you have any audio software running like reaper, audiocity, audition etc? does it just change halfway through the stream? is your voice and your friends on TS using the same audio channel or do you separate them?


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hey, no im not using anyone of them or anything else. strange thing is, on my gaming pc everthing sounds fine. On my streaming pc im just using the onboard realtek soundcard. Im using the same bitrate all over :/
Maybe its a new Graphic Driver!? The Signal goes through a HDMI cable from my 1070 to my capture card in my Streaming pc.