VLC HD audio & video signal without window capture

Discussion in 'Windows Support' started by thghgv, Dec 12, 2015.

  1. thghgv Member

    Is there a way to get a high quality HD audio and video signal INTO OBS-MP from VLC Player without having to use window capture?? Is there a reliable and well documented way to possibly stream it into OBS-MP somehow??
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  2. Harold

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    What exactly are you trying to do?
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  4. thghgv Member

    Would like a process by which one could transfer a high quality HD video/audio stream from VLC Player to OBS-MP without using Window capture.
  5. Harold

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    Add the video as a media source then.
  6. Osiris


    And where exactly is this stream coming from?
  7. DEDRICK Active Member

    MPC-HC will hook and capture with Game Capture, if you can watch it in MPC-HC then use that instead of VLC. If you fullscreen the player it will fullscreen in OBS

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