Question / Help Video Feed without publishing to streaming System?


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Hi all,
First post here.
I have several IP Security Cameras, and I have a NVR that puts multiple camera sources in boxes and make a nice grid on the TV in my office.

I have a (Cloud server) system monitoring system that is displayed in a browser. Id like to add the System monitoring as one of the boxes that the NVR displays.

It appears that OBS will "Convert" the browser to a video but Im not sure how to configure the stream to be on demand, when the NVR ask for it from a IP URL.

It Appears that OBS is more advanced in that it can publish the video stream to a streaming service, But I want it to be more of a server of the video feed for my NVR ( the client) ..

How can I accomplish this?

It doesn't have to be my NVR, there is a Apple TV app for webCameras, Does the same thing: puts video sources in a grid.

Any steps or KB articles would be great!