Question / Help Video Feed without publishing to streaming System?


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Hi all,
First post here.
I have several IP Security Cameras, and I have a NVR that puts multiple camera sources in boxes and make a nice grid on the TV in my office.

I have a (Cloud server) system monitoring system that is displayed in a browser. Id like to add the System monitoring as one of the boxes that the NVR displays.

It appears that OBS will "Convert" the browser to a video but Im not sure how to configure the stream to be on demand, when the NVR ask for it from a IP URL.

It Appears that OBS is more advanced in that it can publish the video stream to a streaming service, But I want it to be more of a server of the video feed for my NVR ( the client) ..

How can I accomplish this?

It doesn't have to be my NVR, there is a Apple TV app for webCameras, Does the same thing: puts video sources in a grid.

Any steps or KB articles would be great!


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I spent a few hours on this. It appears that NVR really wants to subscribe( probably not the right word) to a IP address and RSTP Stream.

I broke the desired solution down and just tried to get my computer to show the browser source to VLC on another computer. I was able to do this but the browser source did not look the same as it did in the studio. I would think what I see in the studio is what should be seen on the client VLC but it was not. So if thats broken, Im wasting my time.

Going back to the original reason for the post was how to get OBS to stream to the NVR. The Amcrest NVR expects a source that it goes and gets the video from. the guide talks about multi cast and such which the NVR doesn't care about and wont let you enter the multi cast IP address.

What I need to better understand is how to setup OBS so that its a stream that a client (NVR) can access by entering the IP address:port of the OBS Computer that the stream is being created on. If the NVR disconnects OBS should still be ready for the next client to connect and get the RSTP stream.

I searched the forum and there does not appear to be a good tutorial on how to set up a stream like this. Its possible I don't know what to look for.

If someone can point me to some more tutorials I will try again but at this time, its starting look like I need to find another solution.


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in the end I found two solutions that do this. For Windows there is AbleCam and for Mac there is RemoteSight from I am not trying to advertise these, simply help the next person that tries to do this as it took me a long time to figure it out.
Thanks to everyone for your assistance.