Question / Help Unnable to access channel


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First off, here's the log file.

I've gone through and set up most of my settings to about what I think they should be, and when starting the stream, I'm getting this error:


I'm pretty sure I have the stream key right. (Copied it and immediately pasted it.) Am I supposed to log out of Twitch and/or close my browser? Could being connected to Twitch chat through my IRC client be causing the issue?

Basic info:
Mac OSX 10.9.1
OBS version 0.8.3


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Figured it out myself!

When copying the stream key, it got copied over with spaces on either side, causing it to act as an invalid key.

So, ProTip, paste into a text editor, remove those spaces if they exist, and then paste without the spaces into OBS.


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I'll see if I can get rid of the spaces automatically, kind of dumb that I didn't program it to do that when making it.