Question / Help Unable to download obs


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Everytime I try to download it, it just gets stuck on one single download. I am using a BAT code so that I can skip parental controls but i'm not sure it should make it stop working.

Can't write: C:\Program Files\obs-studio\data\obs-plugins\enc-amf\enc-amf-test32.exe

Here's the full list if you want it.

Extract: da-DK.ini
Extract: de-DE.ini
Extract: el-GR.ini
Extract: en-US.ini
Extract: es-ES.ini
Extract: et-EE.ini
Extract: eu-ES.ini
Extract: fi-FI.ini
Extract: fil-PH.ini
Extract: fr-FR.ini
Extract: gd-GB.ini
Extract: gl-ES.ini
Extract: he-IL.ini
Extract: hr-HR.ini
Extract: hu-HU.ini
Extract: it-IT.ini
Extract: ja-JP.ini
Extract: ka-GE.ini
Extract: ko-KR.ini
Extract: ms-MY.ini
Extract: nb-NO.ini
Extract: nl-NL.ini
Extract: pl-PL.ini
Extract: pt-BR.ini
Extract: pt-PT.ini
Extract: ro-RO.ini
Extract: ru-RU.ini
Extract: sk-SK.ini
Extract: sr-CS.ini
Extract: sr-SP.ini
Extract: sv-SE.ini
Extract: ta-IN.ini
Extract: tl-PH.ini
Extract: tr-TR.ini
Extract: uk-UA.ini
Extract: vi-VN.ini
Extract: zh-CN.ini
Extract: zh-TW.ini
Output folder: C:\Program Files\obs-studio\data\obs-plugins\enc-amf
Can't write: C:\Program Files\obs-studio\data\obs-plugins\enc-amf\enc-amf-test32.exe