Ultra Super Basic Noob Guide


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Hi, I'm just starting to get into this and I know absolutely Zero about the hows and whys of streaming software. I was warned away from SLOBS due to their shady practices, but I'm finding myself in a really deep pool with no lifeguard. I have been watching tutorials and trying to read guides but I just don't understand a lot of the terminology, so it's like getting a really detailed users manual, written in a language I don't speak yet.
Is there a super basic guide somewhere that explains what all this stuff is?
I thing the allure of Streamlabs is that you can know nothing and make a setup look decent in about 20 minutes and get actual previews of what stuff will look like. Trying really hard to not just cave in and use them.


There are tons of resources, obviously some more valuable than others. But you can't tell beforehand. It is a large community, that has been expanding enormously since the pandemic's push to do everything online, with an evolving product. So expect to be doing some digging. At YouTube search for something like "OBS Basic Tutorial" and watch at least three of them. Or just start at the Help section of this website, ie. the OBS Studio Overview. The concepts of the software are not that rocket science, so getting something to work will be a matter of hours, not days. Dependend on your technical setup various setbacks can occur, ie. trying to have multiple identical webcams connected... but that's merely Windows' way with usb devices. So just start with one then. And without a green screen etc. And just don't give up after one night!

Feel free to ask a lot of newby questions, but be prepared to also do digging yourself.


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Thanks, that link is a great start. I guess I'm just having a frustrating day, I'm trying to set up chat boxes, but the text keeps runningoutside the margins and getting truncated, then the Margin CSS command doesn't seem to do what I expect, and I have radio buttons in OBS that won;t select (like "Automatically Start Replay Buffer When Streaming" setting. It's not greyed out, it just won't select....
I think I need some Turkey and a rum-heavy eggnog.
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Your comments (chat boxes) include going well beyond the basics.
Others have recommended watching the Nerd or Die tutorial video series:
Or is this a case of you have OBS, and streaming working fine. It is only some more advanced gaming related aesthetics and add-ons that are tripping you up?