Question / Help Twitch & OBS - 1 mbps Upload/DOSBox Games/Proper Settings?


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Hello guys,

as the header already tells: My upload speed sucks. I must live with that for the next few months. BUT... I'm a bit green regarding DOSBox and streaming. The resolution of these games are like... 320x240 and it's only scaled up via DOSBox settings. So... when I try to stream this in 1080p or 720p, OBS does it in the way like I'm playing a real game in 1080p? Meaning using up all my uplink because of a "only scaled up game which originally is 320x240"?

Is there no other way around to make use of low-resolution games on twitch with OBS and a small upload speed?
The next thing is that I keep the correct aspect ration 4:3 for these games... so there is lots of useless 1080p-stuff (like HD-black bars!) which I try to squeeze through the small upload link.

I would be happy to receive some tipps and hints and corrections (if I'm wrong at certain subjects). Thank you.



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Resolution and bitrate are not really tied together in any way, you can set them completely independently. Just change both the canvas and output in Settings -> Video and the bitrate in Settings -> Output.