[TOOL] Ubiquitous Multichat


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Original topic and manuals Program author: codex
I'm sorry, there is no time to translate it all into english. So google translation:

Official website: http://xedocproject.com
Official topic of suggestion: http://www.xedocproject.com/forum/index ... suggestion

Installer with auto-updater: http://www.xedocproject.com/ubiquitous/setup.exe
ZIP-archive. No installation is required: https://www.box.com/s/au0bft8nno0i3j5o1eai
Source code: https://github.com/xedoc/Ubiquitous

Chat support:
- Steam;
- Twitch;
- Sc2tv.ru;
- Goha.tv;
- Empire.tv
- Cybergame.tv;
- Hashd.tv
Read only:
- Skype;
- Goodgame;
- Battlelog

- Sending messages in Steam and back into the chat. Allows you to use chat in full screen using the Steam-overlay;
- The setting of window transparency, frame, over all windows, etc.;
- The player controls on sc2tv and goha.tv: automatic and manual;
- Teams: control skype, status Stream (viewers, bit rate), the answer to a particular chat, IRC-command;
- Displays the total number of viewers to Twitch.tv and Cybergame.tv;
- Most settings, encryption config;
- Smooth scrolling chat;
- Adjust font, color;
- All messages in one window, chat icons are indicated;
- Smilies Sc2tv (switchable);
- Start a one-click advertising (Cybergame and Twitch);
- Monitoring and management of OBS. FPS, drops, bit rate, start/stop Stream, switching scenes;
- Saving and restoring the state of the window is restarted;
- Option to enable detailed debugging information;
- Save chat jpeg-file after each message;
- Verification mail Goha.tv IRC;
/r <chat alias> - Switch to send the message to the chat. For example: /r @ttv;
/r <chat alias> <message> - Send a message to the chat. For example: /r @sc2 Hi;
/call <nickname> - call a Skype user specified. Convenient to use of Steam-overlay to avoid alt-tab in Skype. It is advisable to turn off all the Skype alert window activation, etc.
/answer - answer a call on Skype
/hangup - hang in the current conversation Skype
/mute - mute the microphone
/unmute - unmute
/viewers - how many people on the channel Twitch.tv
/bitrate - the current bitrate on Twitch.tv
/stream - on/off stream and players;
/gohaconfirm <code> - in case you had to get out of the validation email. For typing in mail;
/gohasetpass <password> - Change the password on the forum you must run this command to change the password in the IRC;

Besides working team Twitch.tv. For example: /ban /timeout etc.
Window in normal mode:

Window in the fullscreen mode:

Here is the chat on the stream, in fullscreen mode, in game:


Wow, this is incredible. I love it! Unfortunately it doesn't work with the new version of OBS Remote that is being used for the new version(s) of OBS.

Suggestion: Would it be possible to implement for the "Admin Nick" a variable steam profile name? I sometimes change my name around to have "announcements" or such in my name. Like: Myname #Testing OC, or Myname #Twitch.tv/streamname. Changing my name makes the bot not recognize me I believe.


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For some reason when I set it slightly transparent it vanishes on stream unless I over my mouse over it.


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Hmm I really dont understand how to use this, it doesnt show whats put into my twitch chat, is it supposed to?


The new recent patch (Today) seems to be unable to log into my steam bot account? Password is correct n shit...


Sc2tv Channel ID: 0
  20:48:53 Connecting to server...
  20:48:53 Connected to server at ''.
  20:48:53 () <<< PASS :**********
  20:48:53 () <<< NICK :ball3hi
  20:48:53 () <<< USER ball3hi 0 * :Twitch bot of ball3hi
  20:48:53 Disconnected from server.
  "version": 1.1000000000000001, "status": "ok", "message-id": "2"
  "status": "error", "error": "Not Authenticated", "message-id": "3"
  "status": "error", "error": "Not Authenticated", "message-id": "4"
  "status": "error", "error": "Not Authenticated", "message-id": "5"
  20:48:58 Connecting to server...
  20:48:58 () <<< QUIT :Bye!
  20:48:58 Connected to server at ''.
  20:48:58 () <<< USER ball3hi 0 * :Twitch bot of ball3hi
  20:48:58 () <<< PASS :**********
  20:48:58 () <<< NICK :ball3hi
  20:48:58 Disconnected from server.
  20:49:03 Connecting to server...
  20:49:03 Connected to server at ''.
  20:49:03 () <<< PASS :**********
  20:49:03 () <<< NICK :ball3hi
  20:49:03 () <<< USER ball3hi 0 * :Twitch bot of ball3hi
  20:49:03 Disconnected from server.
  20:49:08 Connecting to server...
  20:49:08 Connected to server at ''.
  20:49:08 () <<< PASS :**********
  20:49:08 () <<< NICK :ball3hi
  20:49:08 () <<< USER ball3hi 0 * :Twitch bot of ball3hi
  20:49:08 Disconnected from server.
Can't use steam-bot or connect to twitch.tv.


Corwin said:
Thank you. Someone gave me a link on the support forums ^-^.

Unfortunately though, using the web service alternative seems to be unstable. I get it to work, then 7min down the line Ubiquitous stops responding and must close. Have to keep restarting it. Now I don't get a 7min delay, my Ubiquitous is crashing as soon as I open it.

I used the setup.exe. Where are the save files?


The fact that this tool can send streaming service's chat through Steam directly to me is incredible.

This is what I use the tool for, since I only have 1 monitor right now.

Shame that Steam's overlay wrecks Dark Souls' performance (Edit: Isn't so bad now for some reason, so I've been using it, yay), as that's what I've mainly been streaming the last few weeks. But still, incredible program!


I've been using this for a while and decided to use the image output for OBS. I finally found the exact size I wanted the chat and had been using it successfully for days and didn't accidentally close Ubiquitous while it was minimized. Unfortunately I finally accidentally closed it while minimized and have now lost my image output size. I saved the resolution size but even when I put it into "Full Size" in general it still doesn't resize the application on/before restarting the application.

Why hasn't this been fixed yet? This is very frustrating from the beginning where if the application is minimized and closed it must be maximized again through Task Manager.


Well it wasn't fixed because I never faced that bug before. I'll make few changes to prevent this.
Thank you for your bug report!


- Window position bug is fixed;
- Fixed bugs in IRC library;
- Changed hostname of twitch IRC server;
- Sc2tv.ru fixes;
- Last.fm crash fix;


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I downloaded Ubiquitous Multichat from the .zip file on the 1st post to test it out and it worked wonderfully. Then I noticed a more recent .exe version had been posted ( so I downloaded it and installed it. I don't know exactly how this version works or how it is installed on our computers though, cause all it has (instead of the folder from the .zip file) is a shortcut that leads nowhere and when I try to run version it doesn't respond and makes my computer super slow to the point that I need to open task manager to terminate the process. Isn't there a .zip version of as well?

Also, does this work on full-screen games? I am yet to test that.


Versions in the ZIP and EXE are same. Title is different because of Microsoft's way in version handling :/. I would recommend to use ClickOnce (EXE) version to get automatic updates.

The only reason of such a freeze I know is Skype. Thats how it's COM interface works :/
You need to authorize Ubiquitous in the Skype to get rid of that freeze.

BTW if somebody wants to use new OBS Remote plugin with my program - disable password in its options. I'll implement authentication later.


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I managed to make it work now. I changed the compact size to 300x400 (which is the minimum twich size so I wanted it to be the same) and tried to allow both skype and twitch. After granting skype access, I noticed the skype name on Ubi is now green, but twitch is still red even though I already wrote my username and password. Do I need to write something on the IRC channel as well? Also, I have OBS remote but I don't know which host to put. Should I leave the default "localhost" or is there a way to find out what my host should be?


You don't need to fill that IRC channel if you don't stream to other channels. For an example I stream to /xedoc and sometime to /warthunder but I'm chatting under the same nickname. Thats the purpose of the channel option.

You need to restart the program after making any changes. In case if it won't work after restart - there is debug option for Twitch.