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No description of what the program does, no screenshots, x64 only, and you registered on the forums 20 minutes ago? No offense but that's a little suspicious...


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sorry for that, the program is written in qt, it's packed in a nullsoft installer, and would create a twitcher directory under your ProgramFiles Directory, and if you start it it would also create a twitcher directory in your user home, and registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ABYLE\twitcher

setup oauth, to allow twitcher to use the twitch api with "Implicit Grant Flow Authentication" like described:
here: https://github.com/justintv/Twitch-API/ ... ication.md

twitcher will request the following permissions scopes on twitch: channel_editor, user_read, chat_login

channel_editor allows twitcher to set or clear your broadcasting and game title, so you don't have to launch the dashboard in the browser. - like "dashboard lite"

user_read is needed to lookup your username with the oauth token, needed for some links which can be clicked from within twitcher.

there is also a field which displays the current number of viewers which needs a twich url containing your username.

and there are 2 buttons which let you launch OBS, and the included hexchat (irc client) from twitcher. if you launch the chat (hexchat) from twitcher, the username and the password (oauth token) will be written to hexchats servlist.conf (%USERPROFULE%\twitcher\addon_hexchat_config\servlist.conf)

http://help.twitch.tv/customer/portal/a ... twitch-irc


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Re: [TOOL] twitcher

release 14.017 changes:
- don't minimize to tray after 5 consecutively api errors
- using little icons near the textboxes instead of changing background color
of titles while editing
- added global shortcut Alt+F12 to bring twitcher to front (while gaming)
- added settings menu allows to change update interval


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Re: [TOOL] twitcher

- added game image label
- replaced broadcasting title lineEdit with multiline plainText
- added write obs profile support (if you reauth twitcher, it' will request
the new permission scope channel_read,
this allows twitcher to fetch your stream_key and write a OBS profile
- added basic default config for OBS scenes (Write scenes config in OBS
- added report issue (google code)
- added report issue (email)

- added qt5 imageformats\*.dll's to installer - needed to display fetched jpeg
image files
- single click on an entry in the game ranking table will open the twitch game
directory in your default browser


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- changed game ranking click from single to double click
- micro fixes
- added "check for new version" for your convenience


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Ok thank, going to try this later :).
Any plans for the future?
Would love to see tabs for the chat and video(downloaded from twitch) (like dashboard copy without the browser).


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well, the "chat" part comes from the hexchat project (http://hexchat.github.io/) maybe you can try to change the following setting in hexchat: Settings -> Preferences -> Interface -> Channel switcher -> Switcher type: Tabs (instead of Tree).

well the download, if this is allowed by twitch.tv is a good idea, I've plans to implement some features for a twitch.tv viewer (like including livestreamer and mplayer), right now the features are towards streamers.
@73c75q could it be easier just to edit your first post with the updates and renewed links to make less confusion ( just a tip ) going to test this out too.

good job :D


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the idea looks great but its 50mb file size so way too big for a program that is just bridging information.