Question / Help Threadripper 1900x & GTX 1080 Encoding Settings, NVEC vs x264 "Color and Frames"


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Hello, I'm looking for suggestion, I'm currently streaming at twitch to advertise some game server, I'm a newbie on streaming, I happen to have these PC: Threadripper 1900x 4.0ghx 8 core 16 threads, 16 gb of ddr4 ram, and a GTX 1080, Samsung pro M2 + 2 kinfast SSD in raid 0. so here comes my question, I play a CPU intensive game and not only that I need to have 2 or 3 of those clients opened at the same time, so I switch between window capture during stream sessions, I was thinking to encode videos with NVEC due to the high CPU usage, the game doesn't go over 24/27 fps so I decided to go for 30fps 1080, I have setting on Lanczos (Sharpened scaling, 32 sample), I found out that my stream is more colorfull with NVEC than with x264, my bitrate is setted to 6500 (0 frame drop even at 60 FPS with same settings) but stream doesn't seem smoth when I'm watching it, how can I do it more smoth, seems almost as it drop 1 frame or 2 some times but I don't have frame drop, seems a bit slower I don't really understand, and on task manager GPU its not even at his 20%. how can I do a more smoth streaming without using x264?
and how to get more color out of x264 encode?