Testers Needed! New tool to help OBS.....


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Ok, so I got this problem with the KOTOR II a while ago- I could not capture proper stream with OBS, so I started thinking of workarounds/ looking for programs that would simply try and capture the DX games, and then use OBS to Capture THAT soft via window capture....
couldn't find Any- so I thought, I'll try and make a little tool that would not capture any DirectX Games, but the screen in general- and display t in a window.

If you want to test this, please follow instructions:
1. Open the .exe.
2. Enter the Width in First box, and Height in Second box.
3. Hover mouse over a button (Please don't ask which one). It should say if you are using specified Resolution, window should autosize.
4. Click the Button. (The resolution may change if u got a different Screen Res)
5. This tool is NOT a Toy (!!!!!) so please restrain from moving the window from side to side- just switch to the game, and start broadcasting/ recording stream.
6. Please post the name of the game and result (whether it streamed the black screen/ flickers/ properly, etc.

The setup instructions (if you dont know much about OBS):
Open OBS.
Set up settings according tothis guide
Add new scene.
Add new source "Window Capture", and specify Window parameter by scrolling to "Macro Capturer by Victor Zvyagin v1.1"
then follow instructions.

UPDATE: the 1.1 version of capturer added: VZ Macro Capturer 1.1.zip


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I'm not sure I quite understand what this tool is supposed to do...it's somehow capturing games that OBS can't capture? How?


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nah, dodgepong- its not just for Obs, really, its just a tool that captures whatever screen has at the moment- so, if it is not DX it would still capture what is on the screen.
It is meant to be used as a workaround- In CASE the OBS (or, in fact, any other software) is not recognising the game, ie. shows black screen or whatever/ not showing properly- then you can use OBS to Window- capture this tool.

Because, as soon as you click the button on that tool, its form becomes presentation of what is happening on monitor at the Moment (around 30 FPS or so).
But, again- Im not sure it works all the time, so thats why I'd appreciate testing.
EDIT: oh, And thanx for moving the topic.


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Well, that's why I'm confused, because what you're describing is what OBS does with Monitor capture, as far as I understand it.


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well, it doesnt always work as intended- especially, when in Full screen, so This is, if u like, an "intermediate" step between the actual screen display and what is streamed to the viewers.
As I said, I started it, when I still had problems myself, and finished it today morning (cause I dont want to leave projects Unfinished), and its only for those who experience problemss with captrue of OBS. obviously, if OBS streams fine, there is no need for this tool.