[Suggestion] Warn about Audio Track "Conflicts"


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As I'm about to edit a video, I came across the realization that I had mistakenly put game audio across all of the available audio tracks. (User error, I don't have all tracks set to record and sometimes I record quick game clips with OBS, as Track 3 is the "primary" but set as only my microphone. I just temporarily tick game audio to all tracks since it's easier, and I just forgot to change it back.) I had the thought of, 'why isn't there a warning for this?' I always have Tracks 3 through 6 being my "recording" tracks, all with their own isolated sound source.

As an example, if I were to click record and had two sources on Track 3, I'd love for there to be an (obvious) warning/pop-up saying, "You have conflicting audio sources on Track 3, would you like to record anyway?" I think it could just have options of, 'Yes,' 'No, record anyway' and 'Don't show again, record anyway.'

I hope this is something that people could understand!


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I'm guessing that the warning should *not* exist for Track 1? Because the stream can only use one track and that's usually it. So everything does go to Track 1. If the warning were applied universally, then everyone would be nuisance-warned every time they streamed.

Or do you mean that sending a single source to all tracks, should trigger that warning? That makes a little bit more sense.
And the default to send everything everywhere, should also change to send everything to Track 1 only.