[Suggestion] Screenshot capability

I did a Search for this and nothing came up through all 10 pages / 200 results, so I wanted to throw it out here, in the Suggestions area:

Screenshot Fuction

OBS has been so great, it is fast, somewhat-easy to use, dependable and configurable - the only thing that seems to be missing [for me, anyway] is screenshot functionality (saving a single frame from the buffer, etc).

Looking at the website and forum more, I see that OBS is not initially targeted towards local recording as it's 'main' focus, so I understand if this is something a long way off. I am not a Programmer; but if I was, I could contribute by creating this exact function/plugin...

Otherwise, I am enjoying OBS and it's great performance. Fantastic job to one and all, this is merely a Suggestion for 'someday'...

Take care,


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Yeah the screenshot capability could be great! Now I can use printscreen but it for some game doesn't work and I have dual monitor and its terribly unconfortable. I must crop the photo! I will watch this thread.


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This is still needed. Just a way to take a simple, high quality screenshot of games being played!


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please add the screenshot save function with an hotkey, PNG and JPG for lossless and lossy quality, with auto-name in ISO8601 date format like: YYYYMMDDHHmmss